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Merc 7.4 liter engine problem.

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Default Merc 7.4 liter engine problem.

I have a question regarding what my next step should be regarding a 96 Merc 7.4 liter bravo engine.

Problem started, where while running the engine would cut out for a split second while running but the engine would not shut off. I could never really duplicate this it was very random.

As the year went on, last year, it did it more, but again was hard to duplicate, but then it started doing it more frequently, so I ran some tests and such and ended up replacing the fuel pump, which was also bad but did not solve my problem. Being that it should be done anyway i changed plugs, plug wires, and rotor and cap. This did not solve my problem. So, I was able to try another ignition coil and that did not help either. Now, the boat will not start at all, fuel is not the question, it is spark, i can be spraying starting fluid into the carb, and the boat will not even try to start, it turns over fine. I was wondering, should i just replace the ignition module or is there something smaller and less expensive it can be that I am overlooking?

Thanks for responses in advance.
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Okay, let's start with throwing away the starting fluid. Now you will need a good test light. connect the clamp end to a good ground and test the light on the engine's main circuit breaker at both terminals, it should light on both. Now turn the ignition key on and check for power at the + side of the coil, light should illuminate. If the light does now come on check your key switch and wiring. After performing these steps we can go on to the next. Let us know.
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