Power Stroke gas mileage?

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I have neve rtried the chips. ... or K-N on mine. as they were work trucks... company provided... but a friend has and really did notice some both mileage and certianly hp.....good luck

oru Ex is a v-10 and we get 11 all day everyday
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I have a 3.73 limited slip rear and I drive with a pretty light foot. If I am going to give it to boot to put a three stage chip and do some exhaust mods to increase it even more.

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I have a 2000 PSD 'X' and just completed a Chicago-Pompano-Holland, MI trip in it. Going down (not towing) and running 75 mph
I averaged close to 18 mpg, coming back towing a 28' AT I got a little better than 12, at 70 mph or so. These are computed numbers the old fashioned way, not off the overhead trip computer. Truck has 20K on it, and is SCMT programmed(60 hp). Last load of fuel in no. Indiana was blended, and mileage dropped over 2 mpg to Holland.

The X is extremely heavy compared to its pickup brothers, but still a far cry better on fuel than the V10 trucks I've had. I'm extremely pleased with its performance!
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Have you ever checked out
Its similar to oso except their hot rodding their diesels. I hear ya on the dmax, mine didn't come with the gas mileage option either. I cant stop slamming the gas pedel to the floor.
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Default mpg

i have a 01 f350 crew cab duel ps. I get no better then 12 not towing. Put a 80 hp chip and did not get any better. I've has 6 ps and this is the worst is been. 97 got 20 I had 3 durmax and they all got about 17 to 20
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This is what I have noticed with mine. First off I get average about 16-17mpg with out towing and we got 12-12.5mpg towing a 1991 38 topgun home from LOTO. I have a 1999 F-350 DRW Crew Cab 4X4. I have noticed that if you take it up over 70mph it seems to hit a brick wall and use up a LOT more gas. I have not seen much difference in over all gas economy if I am heavy or light on the peddal to get me there.

Put your best foot forward!
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2000 F-250 Suoer Cab Diesel 4X4 auto, 8" lift w/ 37's. Heavy foot in town, cruise 80-ish on the freeway. 11-12 no matter what, 9-ish towing. Oh yeah.......... For Sale!
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Man, I can't believe some of these mileage results you guys are getting. Apparently the EPA has stuck their damned nose in the diesels now! My moldy oldie 97 F350 CC SRW PSD (just turned 77k today) gets mid teens on freeways, and low 20's on a trip. Even towing I am getting about 12-14 mpg.
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I can't beleive how bad some of these numbers are !
My 89 f350 with 40" tires got 18mpg ,
94 got 19-21,
(2) 97's got 18
99 dualy got 14
99 single wheel got 17
2000 got 18mpg, I got 12 pulling my 12' wide 39' cat grossing 26,000 lbs at 75 mph !
my brothers 2000 ,same truck ,gets 15 for him and 17.5 for me ,
2002 haven't figured normal driving yet but with the full western diesel package ,ram air , 3 stage chip ,and exhaust ,I took a quick trip to NY .530 miles ran real hard (about 90)with chip on high power . I got exactly 18 mpg runing around town with chip on high I get about 16 . It's that same old "lead foot disease ". I am trying to calculate an honest milage with chip on lower setting but I can't leave that switch on low for some reason !

The "X" will burn a little more then a truck but some of these numbers are scarry . I am in the trailer and towing buisness and I don't know of any of my customers getting less then 14 with just the truck .
I think some of you just have a big foot ! (like my brother )Also regular service makes a big difference . Service it every 3,000 miles .

Some one said they added a chip and saw no improvment . You have to have a good air intake and exhaust to make it more efficient . Some guys (with a GOOD chip ) see mpg improvments with just the chip .Depends on the chip and who is driving .
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My 2001 crew cab 4x4 powerstroke gets 16 city and 20 hwy. It also has a hypertech powerprogramer in it.
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