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1-Money has to be raised some how!
2-I dont think N.Carter cares about the money
3-We all complain there is no money in this sport.
4-Now people complain about $15 ticket?
5-I think it should be $40 or more what do you pay for any other sport?
6-If you could raise the purse to $10-20,000 in say F-1 dont you think you would have more boats?
7-Maybe P-4 and P-5 might try F-1
8-Maybe 25-30 boats in F-1 and run by themselves.
9-One race for F-1 with 25 boats alone now thats a SHOW!!!!!!!

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Well, since it has been brought up. The Jetty at the inlet of SBI's Point Pleasant Beach, NJ race is Government owned. There has been a fence across it for many years now at Jenkinsons. They also collect a fee to access the jetty, but not just for the races. Everyday in the summer season for beach goers and fishermen. Unless they exempt you at the gate if you have a pole in hand???

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Kent Perroux
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You guys kill me. You don't think twice about dropping a couple of hundred for a tank of gas, but when it comes to sneaking out of a 15 ticket, or a VIP viewing charge you hit the ceiling?

Here is a good option to save the $15 ticket:

Tow your boat there: Gas and Tolls. (Tolls from my house are about $50 round trip. Gas, about $60 round trip.

Put your boat in the water. Many local ramps charge. Estimate $25.

Fuel use in the boat for a day: Anywhere between $50-200.

Parts that break on the boat that day. $200.

Add those up and see if the $15 fee is excessive.

As for the Nick Carter VIP? I'll pay it for my daughter if she wants to meet him. Still cheaper than taking the boat.
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Kent, Just to make my point clearer. For me, it's not about the tickets. It's been a long time complaint around here how a PRIVATE OWNER of a beach can profit off of the GOV'T OWNED SOUTH JETTY of the inlet by charging people the use of the beach to get to that jetty. The only reason for having to use the beach was because the owner decided to put a fence across the Jetty down to the low water mark so that people would have to use his beach. On the North Jetty well, you are free to walk the length of it at no charge. BEACH ACCESS around here is a HOT TOPIC . Not many seem to mind paying a reasonable fee because the owners do keep the beaches clean. But the Homeowners think that when they bought a house on the beach that no one is allowed to walk along the water Well who's taxes are replennishing those beaches and jetties when they get taken out by a storm. Sorry for getting so uptight about this topic, but being DENIED ACCESS to our Gov't owned properties just makes me . I'm all for the sport of offshore bringing in money where they can. I just hope they make the right choices in how they do so....

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EVENT NAME: Marathon Offshore Grand Prix

CITY: Marathon, Florida

EVENT DATE: May 17-19, 2002

DRY PITS: Marathon Airport

Admission to Dry Pits:
Race Village Pass Prices:

1-Day Pass $10
2-Day Pass $15
3-Day Pass $25

Children 12 and under: Half price when accompanied by adult

BEST SPECTATOR VIEW: Old Seven-Mile Bridge

Admission to Bridge:
Race Viewing Pass Prices:

1-Day Pass $15

2-Day Pass $25

Combination Pass (Village & Viewing) $40

Marathon OS Club VIP Viewing

Unlimited Lunch Buffet, Race Poster and Cash
Bar. Public Appearances by Nick Carter of
Backstreet Boys and Aaron Carter

1-Day $100.00

2-Day $150.00

BOAT TESTING: Friday 8:00am-4:00pm

OFFSHORE RACE TIMES: Saturday Noon & 2:00pm and Sunday Noon & 2:00pm


Tickets are available at All Ticketmaster ticket centers, including: Spec's Music, select F.Y.E., and Ricky's Records in South Florida.

To purchase tickets by phone, call:
Dade: (305) 358-5885
Broward: (954) 523- 3309
Palm Beach: (561) 966-3309
Ft. Myers: (941) 334-3309
Tampa: (813) 287-8844
North Florida: (904) 353-3309
Central Florida: (407) 839-3900

Or go to and search "Marathon OS Grand Prix"
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I have spent tons of money just to watch a race from the side lines, but not to see the stars. Just hope they put the money to good use. Read a message on the APBA board that the VIP section sucked at Daytona. Something about little to no food, lines to get a coke, and couldn't hear or see the race. I would be asking for a refund at that rate.

If you charge them, you had better be able to deliver.
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everyone is missing the point here city of marathon said you cannot charge people to go on the bridge apba says the will if you buy a ticket you have a good case for a lawsuit great way for apba to start off its first race with the city off marathon the way they are going they wont have one florida race site left in the future
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I wonder how old SingleStick Stack or whatever his name is?

Why not be more productive with your time and go polish Bubba's shoes?

Get a life!
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dave p. your dumb a-- question doesnt deserve an answer as for the bubba remark you are out in left field

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