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JBS in hospital

Old 08-09-2010, 09:00 AM
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I know the kidney stone pain. I woke up a few years ago thinking I was dying and wondering how in the hell this badger got into my abdomen.

Jumping jacks are what got me through. When the KS is stuck in the urinary tract, a little bit more bouncing will get it into the bladder. Then you drink a ton of water to reduce or dissolve it.

Glad to hear everyone will be OK.
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Thanks for the updates. I am hoping that both Lisa and Jeff are on the right road to recovery! I have diabetes for 26 years and right now, I have problems with my kidneys. I feel your pain. It;s no fun at all.

Hang in there, you'll get better!

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Good to hear Jeff and Lisa are ok.

That's wild to hear...Jeff was fine when we saw you guys just before the awards!
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Jeff, please be careful with that kidney stone.Unfortunately, I have kidney disease and have had many kidney stones. The last one was 3 weeks ago-11 mm. They broke it up, but I'm still feeling the pain and fighting infection. I wouldn't wish a kidney stone on my worst enemy. I feel your pain, please get yourself a good doctor and BE CAREFUL!!! Here's to a quick recovery, for both of us.
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Had one last year before I knew what kidney stones were.

It was the worst pain I had ever been through,,,,, these things are no joke,,,,and the size of a grain of sand.

Hope ya feel better soon !!!!!
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Hoping JBS has a speedy recovery. On a postive note my little boy loved the JBS shrits I bought him. He said daddy my shirt has a cat on it!!!!
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Enjoy the show
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Good to hear everyone is on the mend.
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Hi, had one 3 years ago on the right side and it was really tiny ,but enough to put me down on the floor in pain , then got one 3 months ago on left side as it made me wake up at 6am and had to call ambulance ,arrived home and slept most of the day after injection they gave me and felt sick when i woke up , they are so small that on the ultra sound it cant be seen, Doc says that after 4mil it can be seen on screen and they concider it a kidney stone . to be honnest i still dont know if i passed them both. i wish i did as its the worst i experianced . funny enough like mate said here i also got the pain in the morning on both occasions, whatever position u try to get into whiles on pain ,wont work ,u just wana die .
I dont like water, so i drink juice, Doc says the best is beer to get rid of em, but i dont like it either
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You don't like water??? What kind of statement is that??? 96% of your body is water.
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Ah yes, kidney stones

I had them 5 times; surgery three times, passed them twice. There is no other pain quite like this. They say its worse than giving birth. There are two types; one is calcium based, the most common, very much similar to the plauqe on your teeth. The other are acidic based and similar to gout. Both are brutal but the acidic ones where really the worse pain I've ever experienced. Good Luck and hang on to your azz..............
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