JBS in hospital

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Default JBS in hospital

After a rough and wild race in Michigan city Jeff Stevenson has been hospitalized at Saint Anthony medical center in Michigan city for a possible kidney stone that may have been rattled loose during the race. Hope to have more info from the medical staff shortly.
JBS racing would like to give a big thank you to Michigan City, the MCPD, all rescue personel, and SBI.
Also a great job by all people involved in the rescue of Lisa Mathews.
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Good luck to Jeff for a speedy recovery,he cant catch a break for nothing.Good Luck
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Good Luck Jeff

Glad to hear about Lisa and Stand
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Hope for a quick recovery for Jeff ,good luck BIG DADDY
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hang in there, those HURT! but are usually without complication
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Hi Jeff!

Hope you have a speedy recovery.
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Man!!! Good luck! What happend to Lisa and crew?
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Jeff has been released from the hosptal and is now resting in bed.
Damm kidney stones :-(
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May he have a quick recovery....

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LISA M. was transported out of the local hospital, that JEFF was at tonight, for further examination.

what an EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER ride today. yes our boat was broke...but we knew the engines were ok as we came in with one prop functioning. but, to see LISA M. on a board limp; made every problem JBS Racing has ever had seem so infinitesimal. it was great hearing her voice; as we spoke very shortly after in the hospital room. this was ONLY possible because a police officer, personally here in MI City, tracked her for us. got us a direct number and the name of her nurse so we could be updated.

as we were sitting with STAN (one amazing person) and JACKIE (even more amazing as she deals with him) WARE at the awards. JEFF went from laughing to needing a wheelchair in no time flat! by the time we got him to the hospital he was in so much pain it's hard to put into words what i felt. he was puking, shaking uncontrollably, and sweating buckets. i was trying to keep him cool with cold cloths, wiping the puke from his mouth and nose; while they were bagging him with some heavy pain med's.

after the completed cats; they found it to in fact be a kidney stone. none the less, it was hard to see someone you care about in that state of pain... and jeff and i, r of the type that would be laughing at a compound fracture.

waiting for this ambian to kick in!...i would very much like to awake to hear/see some good news about LISA M. and JEFF!!!

HUGE THANKS TO the city people of MI CITY! police, fire, hospital, uscg, officials. no doubt the racing safety crew too!!!

this city and event blew me away! key west, st.clair, mi city are races that every fan and racer need to experience!!!
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