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Warning to Great Lake boaters

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I live in St Thomas and we trailer 3 hrs every weekend up to the Trent. Once you go up there, it will be hard to boat anywhere else. We usually trailer to Hot Knots and put in there. It's a good staring point to go either way on the Trent. If you are going to Georgian Bay, you can launch at Lock 45 or Midland. Get some charts for Georgian Bay or stay in the marked channel...lots of rocks.

We're heading up to Orillia on May 24 and cursing down to Peterborough. Flat water, not many speed zones and lots of marinas to stay at. Iíll send some pictures to your personal email address. If you want, you can let me know when your going up and we can give you the guided tour. Itís great boating !!

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Hi all.

here in the 1000 islands you can still travel without an I-68 provided you do so during office hours and you stop to check in.
I think the hours are 8am to 6pm. After that you must have your I-68. The police have a total of 4 boats patroling between Brockville and Kingston with the RCMP kicking in an additional 7 vessels for home land security. HA HA

Give me a shout if your in the area (2 miles from international bridge)
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The 1000 Islands Power Boat Club is having a meeting this Saturday morning at Hutchson's in ABay with the State Police, Park Police, and US Customs. One of the items to get explained and clarified is the I-68. I'll post what I learn after the meeting.

Guess we're going to have a little fun run after the meeting.
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is there a waiting period for the I68 Im coming to Alex bay july 1-7th exactly what do I do, I know there is a US customs at Alex and Clayton, I just want to cover my ass Thanks
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Here's a press release from the INS on the form. The question I have is who enforces this? When we go to Canada, we have to call Canadian Customs from a land line at a marina or restaurant. And I've had the friendly OPP stop by in Crystal Bay and ask if I've called in. I have never called anyone when coming back. I've never heard of anyone (American) calling in or being stopped coming back from Canada by boat. Is this the sherriff, USCG, or US border patrol's responsibility?

I went to a Power Squadron meeting where an INS guy talked about the form. He said having it will make it so that you don't have to go to a port of entry to get cleared for entry. Now the only points of entry in SE Michigan are at vehicle border crossings, and he said that without the form, you're supposed to check in there when returning from Canada. I beleive he said you can tie your boat up at a seawall and hike up to the Customs booths at the bridge, and he was serious. What a load of crap. I might get one of the forms, but I think it's just a money making scheme for the gov't. Buy the form, so you don't get stopped by one of the huge number of border patrol boats. What do those look like anyway? I've only been boating between the US and Canada for 7 or 8 years now, so I haven't seen one yet...
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How do I go about getting one of theese I68 things?
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Default Customs

I went back and found this information that was a topic of discussion in March. I am going to cut out some of the information that I had posted at that time. Also check the links for some good reading.
From what I read and from what people say there seams to be some confusion as to what is the correct way to go between the US and Canada. From what Iíve read if you go from the US and even drop anchor in Canadian waters you are considered to be on Canadian soil. If you go on land they require you to check in by phone. It could end here or they can send someone down for inspection or even make you report to a customs or immigration station miles away. (this probably rarely happens)
One thing people fail to do is report back to US customs when they return to the US. They could make your life miserable if they wanted to by not reporting back in.
Think of it the same as if you drive across the border. They make you stop on the way in and also on the way back. Itís all documented by Canada or the US when you reported and Iím sure they share information especially now.
Here are some links to information about it.

I just got off the phone with a Customs inspector and was told that you MUST report back in to the United States or could face forfeiture of your boat and possible jail time.
If you want to verify it call
(440) 267-3600
1. (888) 523-2628
2. (419) 259-6424
3. (419) 625-0022
This is a number that he also gave me to the Customs Management Center for LAKE ERIE : 716-626-0400

The form you referred to is called an I-68 form. It was for Immigrations and the cost was $16 with a max of $32 per family. After calling the 888 # above and listing to the recording it says that you can use the # to call and leave a message before leaving Canada, while in route from Canada on a cell phone, or when you make land in the US.
1) Give registration #
2) Length of boat (note that if the boat is over 30 feet in length you must provide a number from the customs decal that you are suppose to have purchased for $25.)
3) Name & Date of birth of the captain
4) # of passengers on board
5) Anything to declare
6) What Marina you will be going to
It also states that the I-68 form and the video phone does not satisfy the requirements of the US Customs.

Each boat entering a U.S. dock or anchorage , must properly report-in to the closest international port-of-entry (POE) to the United States. Officials of the U.S. Government inspect all persons arriving. There are four separate inspections. Customs, Immigration, Public Health, and Agriculture. You may only talk to one official who does all four inspections or you may talk to more than one official.

If your boat has anchored or tied up, you are considered to have entered the United States. No one shall board or leave the boat without first completing customs processing, unless permission to do so is granted by the Customs officer in charge. The only exception to this requirement is to report arrival.
If it is necessary for someone to leave the boat to report arrival to U.S. Customs, he or she must return to the boat after reporting and remain on board. No one who arrived on that boat may leave until the Customs officer grants permission to go ashore. Violations may result in substantial penalties and forfeiture of the boat.
This is what to do going to Canada.
The captain of a boat arriving in Canada must report to Canadian Customs immediately upon arrival. You must report in at designated stations, but, as a convenience, most marinas are eligible and have instructions and toll-free phone numbers posted. You should be prepared to wait for an inspector or to move your boat to another location if required. Be sure to keep all passengers on board until you have cleared entry procedures.
Have your boat license or registration information with you as well as the full names, citizenship, birth dates, and addresses of all persons on board when you talk to the customs agent. Make an entry in your own ship's log (date, agent's name, location of entry, clearance number) for reference.
You can report to Canadian Customs, toll free at 1-800-265-5633 24 hours a day.
Iíve taken this information off of various sites in the hopes that I can help others who want to make the border crossings.
It's late and I got to get up early so if you take the time to check out the links you will find more information then you care to know.
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I have been told buy Aux flotilla comander the official proceedures are to be anowenced monday and should be much like Milord has stated.
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Here's an article from the Macomb Daily newspaper. It sounds like you can get different answers based on whom you ask.

We'll most likely get ours to avoid the hassle. But what do we do if we take out-of-town guests out, besides stick close to the US shoreline?

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Christine, I'm telling all my friends that come boating with me to get one. I don't need any of those big fines!
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