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had a run in with Johnny Law today

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Originally Posted by sixmassive View Post
im on the Q as a 3rd. just started with them in January.

The agnus candies, that is a old boat. i cant remember if that went to brazil or was renamed to a DMT boat.

who do you work for
Yes, DMT renamed it, then it sat in fourchon for along time, not sure what happened to it, I used to work for CMC, I was not part of the marine crew though, you guys just drove us around.
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Originally Posted by PatriYacht View Post
good point about the fees involved when going the cc to fight a ticket, Ian got stopped on his motorcyle, he went to court and they reduced the speeding ticket to reckless driving but that cost $75.00 more than the speeding ticket, but no points went on his license. I think the township has scam going, no one wants points so the cop encourages you to go to court and then you are surprised when you pay about $75.00 but more money for the township.

Typing this I just remembered that last week I was in upstate NY for bs and got a ticket for driving while on a cell phone (unlike MI in NY you have to talk hands free) The odd things is the cop said there is no set $$ amount, I have to mail the ticket in, then they send me back a bill and the price varies. I am not sure if I can ignore it since I really don't drive in NY much, but I will have to find out if they are connected into the MI system.
be careful with those guys. I got a ticket in upstate new york a few years ago. cop said it would be a $40 ticket, but of course it all depends what the judge wants it to be. I plead guilty because it was not worth the gas money to travel and fight it. turns out the judge decided to write the ticket for $100 plus court costs. and there is nothing you can do at that point but pay it.
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Originally Posted by Indy View Post
That's harassment, the judge won't be to happy about that.
No, not happy about it. The law was not clear in my friends situation. The judge simply said that he had to back the judgement of the law enforcement officers.

My friend is pushing the limit on how long one can keep an out of state boat in Tn waters. That may be why they pick on him. I paid my Tn Taxes and am always nice to the local enforcement officers. They usually waive at me and say high.

Other than my friend's situation, our enforcement guys are reasonable. We are fortunate.

This situation sounds a bit much.
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