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Originally Posted by catastrophe View Post
Similar to here.
Base usage free.

If someone wants to spend more $$ for something nominally better....their choice. ( Better being more PM space etc.)
BTW , thats only my opinion. There were 3 other people involved who could have made a different decision.

Probably would have been a decision of the volunteer board which would have been left in place.
That's what I figured but wanted to ask since that would have been something to consider.
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Originally Posted by Rippem View Post
home. but again, what fu kk ing business of yours would that be?

So then assuming you are willing to pay for the benefits that the vast internet offers, where does the few dollars that some pay for the few extra benefits here become such a thorn in your butt? You're here for free, that's fine, it's their rules. But I just don't understand why myself, or any others here are azholes because we chose to pay for a different level of access.
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Originally Posted by Racegirl3 View Post
Your question was to OSO/IB, hence moved to the section for OSO/IB questions. His question is to the membership.
I asked members to fill me in...Not OSO or IB
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Interesting thread..... and winter is here for sure. I can't believe that I just wasted my time reading all of this chit. It's real easy the way that I see it. Pay for a membership and enjoy paid parts of the website....or don't. That's it!

In the grand scheme of things, why would anyone give a rats azz if they don't pay and someone else does or vice versa. Good grief

For the record, I just upgraded to a higher cost me about 20 minutes of fuel costs.....or an hour or two of bar tab. No one forced me to do it.....but I just didn't want to be perceived as a cheap azz Martha Fokker.

Cheers everyone and Merry Christmas. Craig
I can't talk about it right now, it's being handled by the Postal Inspector. Those guys don't mess around!

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I paid as soon as I found this place. Out of respect to the other paid members, many of which have obviously been around the block a few times when it comes to performance boating.

As soon as I got here and started asking stupid rookie questions, in my experience I saw it was the established and paying members who were answering my questions, respectfully, honestly, and sincerely.

Not saying non paying members wouldn't or dont do that. But the response ratio was obvious to me - especially in PM's and not in public threads.

So I felt it would be disrespectful for me to not be a paying member, and help support the forum these dedicated individuals obviously spend a lot of time at and enjoy. In my opinion, those paying members deserved that from me.

I was coming into their world, knowing pretty much nothing about what I was getting into. The help and advice I've recieved has been invaluable.

In business, you get what you pay for. Apparently, in life thats not always what people think.
I refuse to believe I should be entitled to the expert opinions I recieve from these members without supporting their 'place'.

So to all the long time paying members, I thank you. Whether this place would be here or not without your membership dues, who knows. But adding revenue to a place we enjoy visiting, and in my case recieving knowledge from, is how free enterprise works.

Who really knows what the GP or NET profit of this forum really is with or without membership dues? I bet not many of us.
If they're making money, thats the American dream and the country we live in. Good for them.
If they're barely making it, maybe my 40 bucks helps keep this place going.

And really... $40 to $70 per year? If I even notice that money gone, I'm in the wrong hobby.

You get what you pay for. Or at least what somebody pays for.
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