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Originally Posted by Young Performance View Post
Then don't post in the politics.
That would be like an addict having his drug right in front of him and being told not to take it.
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Originally Posted by rlj676 View Post
Like others said, I find it pretty funny they want people to pay for the privilege of adding the best content like pictures? Content drives hits, which draws advertisers, which should (in my humble opinion) be the main source of income.

If there wants to be a pay section for dirty pics , elite bonding, whatever, that's fine. A lot here can afford that. I prefer spend my money otherwise, as that type of stuff is available free elsewhere on the net.

Weather you pay to be here or just visit the site and it's advertising sponsors, you contribute.

I would personally feel better if it was owned by a group of enthusiasts putting their earnings into poker runs, or just generally back into the sport. Nothing against corporations, but for an enthusiast forum it just makes more sense to me.
I understand and agree with this post 100%.

I wasnt asking the original question from the aspect of what IBs rules were or what and who drives value or income for this place. I agree that the input is of equal value to the site whether it be from a non paying member or otherwise.

I was coming at it from another angle.
I was more asking from the viewpoint of the members themselves.
It wasnt whether IB should make more or less money or where they generate it from or whether other sites are free.

If a bunch of guys get together at a bar for the afternoon I would think most would offer to buy a round. I read on here every day and see that the general attitude of most , is that everyone should pay their fair share for everything.

Its obvious that this place doesnt exist if someone doesnt pay.
Was curious about some letting others pay and they not.

I respect the posts that were made and see where those that arent paying are coming from.

Was curious, and now I understand. Thank you.
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This is an interesting thread. I have been a paying member of OSO most of the time since I joined long before I even had my own boat back in 2003 or so. My current subscription actually ran out right when SOS started and I went over there so I didn't re-up.

Once the world realized Sunkin was a DB I started spending my time over here again. I find that not being a paying member actually facilitates me in spending a little less time on here which equates to me getting more done in my life. During the winter months I have a lot of free time so I will more than likely re-up as a paying member.
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My membership ran out and took my avitar away IB (internet bullys) lol just kidding,winter is here and spend way more time here in the winter so I just renewed.

Check out that bad azz avitar
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Originally Posted by lightning jet View Post
My membership ran out and took my avitar away IB (internet bullys) lol just kidding,winter is here and spend way more time here in the winter so I just renewed.

Check out that bad azz avitar
whats that? Deans AMT? yea that was a great boat didnt everything blow up that weekend? lol

I have no prob with how the membership thing is structured. I get a lot out of this place and hope that i add to the content.
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Originally Posted by Racegirl3 View Post
That's probably my fault more so than IBs. IB/Heather have always been gracious and sent me t-shirts/coozies, any time that I have asked for them (such as for the Baja/Checkmate party last year) and they tried to sponsor one of the local poker runs as well. They are happy to get involved when asked .... I just didn't ask since I didn't travel as much this year. Coulda woulda shoulda .....

Thats it girl, you have been bad! over my knee NOW!!!
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Originally Posted by catastrophe View Post
I dont understand the " anti corporate " issue. The minute you walk out the door every day of your life you spend your money with corporations, the purchase of your food, your gasoline,your insurance,your clothes, your fast food etc.
Thats life. A lot of the members on here earn their daily living working for corporations.
I spent 15 years at Fortune 50 corporations...hate 'em. The worst form of existence possible. And no I'm not a bitter former employee, I did well in them and advanced to my last day. But at best you're a whore, assimilated like the Borg, full of phoney baloney and politics (maybe I am bitter LOL!!).

That being said, I buy plenty of products from corporations out of necessity, but as a personal rule I support the small business person without exception at every opportunity and it pains me to see them going out of existence all the time now. America is turning into nothing but a faceless corporation everywhere you look.

When OSO was privately owned I supported it, but now that it's owned by a corporate entity I'd give that a second thought (admirable job done by the mods not withstanding).
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As far as time goes - I'd say that I spend about an hour a day on here in the winter time. Much less in the summer, as I'm actually out enjoying my boat in some form or another.

In Re Value: Sure, it's a great value to get insight on labor costs, parts depots and whatnot, but that information is free. You don't need to be a paying member to get that info, and if there was a fee for general membership that provided that info this site would lose a great deal of its members.

I couldn't disagree more with the contention that this site would disappear or that membership costs would go down if everyone paid. That's not how corporate America works. There are a TON of Php powered message boards, and anyone can start one, virtually free. Where there is a void enthusiasts fill the void, and many of those "free" message boards that people start up, if they grow enough, can MAKE money for the owner of the site via advertising.

All it takes is time to create a message forum, and any message forum is only as good as the quality of members on that forum. If a site charged for general access it would likely lose value - both to advertisers and to other members, as the quality and quantity of replies would diminish greatly.
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As for the anti-corporate....

Mr. IB is not a performance boater.

On the positive side, Mr. IB has not claimed to own 37 Apaches, two turtle doves and a Fountain in a pear tree.

On the negative side, Mr. IB probably doesn't know that a 42' fountain is only 28' minus the beak and swin platform.

Yet Mr. IB asks us to pay money for the privlidge of talking about boats and douchebags.

There are many places we can talk about boats and douchbags for free on the internet.

Since Mr. IB doesn't boat, and if one assumes he is not into douchebags, he is getting us to pay for what we can get free, and not providing anything substantially diferent than what is available for free.

THerefore, Mr. IB is exploiting internet boaters for his own monitary gain.

And finally, one cannot argue that there is not significant monetary gain to be had, when one argues that somebody else is secretly running another site (which in size and traffic is a mere fraction) for monitary gain
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One more thing I like about OSO is how fast you get responses. You can post on other boards and might not get a response for days or weeks. Sometimes on OSO its a matter of minutes. Oddly enough, I get alot of my "news" here on OSO first whenever something happens.

Hell, most of us have spent more on a round of drinks than the price of a membership here.
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