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MPH difference huber vs. crashbox???

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I had transmissions, converted to crash boxes after blowing transmissions and have since switched back. I could not see any performance difference but have been told crash boxes are a few mph faster. The docking with crash boxes was a bit tricky but I never had an issue. I just wanted the boat to be more user friendly.
I now have Ateco rebuild my transmissions once a year and have not lost one yet.
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Originally Posted by HabanaJoe View Post
Steve 1 - very astute remark

If it makes enough heat to need the oil cooled it's taken some Hp to make that heat - the more cooling the more Hp - good analogy!

Sir yes Thank you.
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Originally Posted by wjb21ndtown View Post
I can't see that being the case. To the best of my knowledge a trans usually only eats about 35Hp. Boat transmissions are pretty basic, especially compared to automotive transmissions with multiple gears. You really think a Corvette or Mustang stick has an extra 100hp over an automatic?

Everything I've seen and know suggest that it's only about a 25-35 hp loss to run a transmission A crashbox is going to eat something, but given that the total loss is 25-35 the difference in Hp loss is going to be minimal.
Back in the early 90's APBA changed the rules for D class. We had to switch out our crash boxes to transmissions. [Huber] In testing at Lake X we found we lost nothing in speed with the Eastern Express Skater.
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We measure the loss on evey one we build

Measured at 5000 RPM, our standard is 12-14 ft lbs, our dry sump is 8-10 ft lbs. A stock velvet drive is 15-20

And a crash box is about 2 ft lbs. So the percentage differance is large, but it is still a pretty small number.
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