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Wow, reading this even gets me, a third party, upset. The whole situation is upsetting. Makes you wonder how these people sleep at night.
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Originally Posted by Jamie B. View Post

needs repeating.

He may be clean-cut looking, but he's draped in the dirt of the South Florida Shuffle.
I can't talk about it right now, it's being handled by the Postal Inspector. Those guys don't mess around!
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That is too much to let go... I am sick just reading it. I could never imagine doing that or having it done to me. I don't have that kind of trailer but I do understand the cost involved and can't believe someone would alter it as well as damage it. As for curbs, jees was it there first time driving with a trailer.

I would almost think they did it intentionaly against you.
I am stunned.
and please let it out who it is because if that is how they do business people should know!
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Originally Posted by TxHawk View Post
Wow. Freeze Frame can solve this mystery for anyone looking hard enough.
Post a link at least!
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Have a brother who had a crappy Bayliner kept at a marina that he beat on like a dead horse all summer. He then let them winterize and pull the boat at the end of the season. They backed the boat out of the slip and put in forward and the outdrive blew apart. They fixed it at no cost.
Your being f_ed bro. Make them make it right or make them pay.

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This is exactly why you don't loan things out. And if you do, expect the worst and deal with it. In other words open your wallet.

It sucks but it makes you think twice.
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So they r a dealer that sells fast boats?

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Randy, sorry to hear this bro, after reading post 83 and 86 about what they intentionally did to the trailer against your express instructions, these guys don't deserve any respect, they obviously didn't respect you....when you lend items you obviously need to understand that something can happen to them uinintentionally, and like most stated here, if something does, you'd expect it to be taken care of no questions or whining......but having the balz to keep the trailer way over the return date, not have the courtesy to call to let you know they're returning it late, change your bunks, remove stickers, drill for hinges and locks without your permission!!!!!!!!!!!Are you frickin kidding me??????I'm pissed just reading this....NO MERCY DUDE...REVEAL THESE SCUMBAGS
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Originally Posted by dreamer View Post
So they r a deal that sells fast boats?
yeah, that's exactly what I'm guessing...........
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Originally Posted by BraceYourself View Post
I sweear this sounds like a mess.
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