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Ethics Question

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Originally Posted by getchasum111 View Post
sounds like that dip $hit from LOTO that has a 40 Skater huh
I know of five 40 Skaters who are you talking to?? I'll send them your way.

Read the first post

"A well know out of state used boat sales company asks to borrow your tilt trailer"

It might help you.
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Originally Posted by Uncle Dave View Post
I would loan someone my trailer.

I loan and borrow high end things all the time.

I loan one set of toys for another.

I loaned out my toy-hauler and 2 quads and pickup for a weekend, and in exchange I borrowed a deck-boat from a friend for a weekend so I could "show up" at a kids birthday party with enough boating seats for 15 people.

For me 99% of the time it works out because its reciprocal. I return things in better shape than when I borrow them and so do my real friends and long time business acquaintances.

Even with these friends there is a no "first time" policy.

the list is very short though and with that few I have had -0- problems

(note I didnt say nothing ever needed fixing I said I had no problems. )

Part of being sportsmanlike is that if your loaned goodie gets broken you cant whine at all if it ultimately gets fixed properly.

no whiney bee-othches

Uncle Dave

good minds thing alike
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Originally Posted by the bear View Post
Randy once you out them the bad publicity will cost them a lot more in the long run.....and it will probably save some others more than that warning them of this persons ethics!

They should pay up...At least they should offer!
Bingo, nothing more valuable then your reputation.

I glanced through the un-mentioned dealers website today and when you see the boats he has listed the whole deboggle becomes even more rediculous to think that he borrowed a trailer (didn't even rent) then it ends up all jacked up and not even an attempt to make it right on his part?
At least we can count on Karma.
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Send him a bill, if he doesnt pay it, than call them out ! F%%^&cking people!
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What ever happened to"You break it you bought it"?
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There is no need to go into great detail in here, but basically someone we
considered a friend called and wanted to know if he could borrow one of PBB's tilt trailers to be able to make it south in November for the races. They couldn't make it with a flat because of the time frame and permits. I called Wild and asked his thoughts and he was very hesistant because of
some past boat deal, but he was in if I was. PBB transported the other tilt over to pick up Speedy, they loaded and headed back to Loto. Randy Wild did buy the silver tilt last year from PBB, but PBB still owns over 50% of it, carries all the insurance, and licensing. So when someone calls and needs a huge favor you try to make it happen. The only thing that was asked was to not take the PBB stickers off, deliver it to PBB at Loto when done and have it back by December 2, 2011 because it was headed somewhere on Dec 5. Was not delivered back to MO till the night of Dec 16th and didn't even bring it to Loto. The trailer was a joke. We have never heard a single word out of the dealer. Hey Wild, rumor at Loto is his crew chief is based here........ I would think we could get a t-shirt or two out of the deal!

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I'm sure this person will be at the next poker run or offshore race, I'd wait to see him out at dinner with his "Posse" and I'd walk over and punch him right in the face, then when he fell out of his chair I'd stomp on his neck while someone in his Posse was writing my check! It's not like he'd be suprised it happened...... D Bag...
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Originally Posted by MES View Post
Hey Wild, rumor at Loto is his crew chief is based here........ I would think we could get a t-shirt or two out of the deal!
HA, and he even admits they drove it over "TONS" of curbs because its so long, great stuff
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Originally Posted by Wild View Post
HA, and he even admits they drove it over "TONS" of curbs because its so long, great stuff
Knowing that, I'd reverse my earlier opinion about splitting the cost. "Tons" of curbs can cause "tons" of damage, some of which cannot be seen until later. Good luck with getting them to pay up. If I were a betting man, I would venture to guess that they will. One certainty, if they had any smarts, they would come to an agreement with you as they not want to be crushed by the "OSO Wave", that will hit them if you decide to identify who they are.

Maybe make them aware of this thread, if they are not already.
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Who is it... PM me if you don't want to post. The suspense is killing me
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