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Class 1 Cat Complete, Outerlimits Eyes V-Bottom Kilo Record

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When I went looking to buy a boat I was going to spend a lot of hard earned dollars, so I looked at quit a few boats. Hell I even had to fly to see some of them. Outerlimits was the leader at the time of R&D, and always doing something whereas the rest of the industry seemed stale (this was 2 years ago).That alone made them a front runner for me looking. Weather it was racing or testing or just posting on the net, and i think that is the brand recognition that caught my eye. I liked Cig but after I went to see an OL everything seemed antiquated or didn't change much. I was surprised that the Cig's I looked at ( i was in the used boat market) still had a porta-pody's in them and when I saw the OL's cabin, I could stand up in it. Donzi's ZR you had to crawl in there cabin as well as a lot of the other manufacturers were like that. Take it easy, this is a personal preference I'm not bashing. I bought the Quatro.
It was a purchase I was glad I made to this day. The weird thing that I never expected, was when I called the factory to purchase a light cover that i had broken, they knew all about my boat, like who sold it where to who and what propellers will make it do X like they have a file on the research and what props do what. Last summer I "flung a blade" from my one prop, and even the merc factory has it on file as to what boat I have has what prop (these are not stock props they made one based on the numbers recorded). Outerlimits even sent pictures of my boat when it was being built (that was cool). Thats what kind of company they are. They didn't have a nickel to gain by helping me the way they did. This is customer support which I see as rare in any industry. I will buy another Outerlimits.

As far as Mike going for the record, I think we all like to challenge ourselves sometimes. That is what drives some of us. Maybe thats on his bucket list.

I can't help but wonder if there was another brand that was going to try to break this record if they would be getting this much negativity.

Hey Reggie, how about making this interesting? If they break the record, you get a haircut. They can auction off tickets for the person cutting it for charity. Do you except that challenge?

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You Ol guys crack me up. And to the guy that keeps asking why... Cause this your looking for
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