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Anybody repitch or lab finish blackhawk props?

Old 08-24-2002, 10:54 AM
Scarab P-29
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Blackhawk I was all set to do my props this spring got out early so that I didn't lose any summer,(last year I did my engines supposed to be back in april well april turned to the middle of july) so I put the boat in to get all the numbers to send them but one of the engines wasn't right turned the back of the boat black just didnt run rite. Later I found out it was just a lose ground on my battery so I only have myself to blame for this. So the next time I took it I wasted the drive. I had a brandnew drive put on but still had this rpm loss but worse I replaced everything I could think of switched from one engine to the other. This was in the spring when all the marinas were busy so I tried to fix it myself it was trial and error method so I had to launch the boat every time. Now it is the begining of July and I gave up put my boat on the waitinglist When they took the boat in they couldnt find anything wrong met them for a watertest and one of the mechanics said "it feels like its overgeard" it was like somone turned on a switch there wasnt any thing wrong it was the wrong outdrive they changed the gear fixed my problem but not till half way though July. from April to July I delt with this verry discoraging. It gets better when they were looking for the problem they reset my timing on both engines now I am almost 200 rpm less but Iam dealing with it because our season is too short. moral of my story is sometimes thing are better left alone. Still if I keep the boat I will probably do the props mercury would be my choice had a lot of recomondations for them but they say for blackhawks they take a long time. How fast are you going and what are your pitch,gear and rpm?
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Old 08-24-2002, 02:02 PM
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P-29, I feel your pain! I had my drive looked at in March. It needed to be rubuilt. VERY long story turned VERY short, I got my boat back July 10th. It is 60* and cloudy here today so I am typing this instead of boating.

I am turning about 4700 rpms and about 75mph depending on conditions. I am hoping that having my props worked will get me closer to 5000 rpm. I installed longer K-planes on my boat which did scrub 1-2mph but they made the boat handle much better in slop so it was a fair trade.

I was leaning toward Mercury too but Sarasota Hill actually did a few blackhawk props for the 22 Classic so they have some good experience with my boat and what needs to be done.

A bad ground on your battery made your transom turn black? I didn't know a bad ground on your battery could cause a boat to run rich. Good to know.

I see your from MI too so you know how it is!
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Old 08-24-2002, 10:36 PM
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Blackhawk, Iam from the Lake St. Clair area doing the same as you today. I beleive we have 2 Donzi Blackhawks in the area, spoke to both (neat boats!) they each said the boat would do 80 plus. The one guy, we had tied up with him in muskamoot said the boat was too fast to race it scared him so I didn't get to verify that. Saw a guy at the boat launch 3 weeks ago said his did 80 also. Is your boat different or are you honnest?
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Old 08-25-2002, 10:49 AM
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blackhawk-the boat ran rich because the added resistance in the ground circuit weakend the ignition to a point where it was misfiring.
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Old 08-25-2002, 12:50 PM
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P-29, my boat is the same. I do not have one of the "limited edition" black and gold graphics boats but it is the same boat. Maybe 80mph on the speedo but not honest speeds. My boat is an 80mph boat on the speedo in the right conditions. The best I ever saw on GPS was 78.6 and that was one time with the short K-planes. Like I said, the trade off with the longer planes didn't bother me a bit. I'm 1-2 mph slower on flat water but I'm able to run 5-10mph faster in the slop because I have much more control.
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