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"Deadliest Catch" Unionized

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When my father-in-law retired from the airline business he said the best part was no more union BS. He always said he watched unions go from a group supporting the blue collar worker to nothing more than a money hungry political machine with no morals.
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Originally Posted by Matt Trulio View Post
I am neither pro-union nor anti-union, but I am pro-funny.

And Too Stroked, your satire is hilarious.
Thanks Matt. And coming from somebody like you, I take that as the highest compliment.

I've got another one you might like that will be appearing (hopefully) in the Poker Run forum about Rochester Offshore's annual Battleship Run on Seneca Lake.
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Now that thar's funny, I don't care who yar! If you don't laugh at that you're a communist and need to leave the country And I'm a union member!
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You forgot that there won't be any smoking as it poses a health risk. Also some of the other crewmembers might not like the way tobacco smoke smells.
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Originally Posted by PARADISE ISLAND View Post
I heard UPS is union and Fed Ex is non union with the same amount of employes why does UPS make more money? Again I'm not taking sides here
Though both [UPS, FEDEX] are package-delivery companies, they're governed by totally different federal labor rules. As a result, UPS's workforce is much more heavily unionized than FEDEX's—and more than twice as expensive.

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I started as an apprentice in the plumbers union and with in a year i had a van and was basically running work for a small union shop. After the hall got wind of this i was moved to a larger shop and was told what i was doing was unacceptable and i need to pay my dues like everyone else. After doing more work correctly the first time by lunch than the 20 year experienced journeyman would do in a week, my tools would disappear, my work was sabatoged and then i was told politely to clean up their tools and take them to their truck, I politely said go enjoy your day and your brotherhood you speak of. I do now regret leaving though because i would probably be still working now and collecting a hell of a paycheck. I guess the unions have their pluses and minus's
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