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Police/Coast Guard


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In Philadelphia, Pa. You will be stopped 100% of the times by C.G if you have any women on board. I noticed most of the C.G is just kids doing a good job. Down here in Philly we have to worry about the police/ State police. They lock boaters up just for a smell of beer. I was locked up last year for 24 hrs. All I had was a BAC test of 0.04 far below 0.10 to be arrested. So now almost 1 year later and 6 court days I have beat the water Nazi. Now I am looking into a possible civial law suit. This is an on going thing here. BUT! they only stop or corner HA-Ha! The speed boats. Never the huge cabin cruisers with 15 people on board.

Anyway good luck up there and have a great summer!
ahhhhhhhh that felt good I had to vent!

Just my .02
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Jb, It was mid-day at PIB, and I was staying the night there so why not grab a beer. My friends boat was next to mine and I hopped on there and watched them. They were cool with it, but they did ask to see the beer like I was trying to sneak something off the boat. They started a few years back walking the dogs up and down the docks just hopeing the dog catches scent of something. Must have been the italian subs on my boat!!

I wouldn't consider it a complete weekend of boating if I didn't get pulled over at least once on the weekend. I ALWAYS get pulled over. I got pulled over 3 times in one day last year, and once the next day. They are really stringent around here, but I also always have 8-10 people aboard, and a full out party going on while idleing thru the canals or pulling up to the party spots. It's almost a sure thing if they see me, they come over and check it out. All of which is ok with me, I stay sober, and greet them with a smile, in the hope that they will leave me alone if they see I'm always in check. It hasn't happened yet though.

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CAPO71 - You must have perfected the "shifty look".
I have been boating around Philly for 5 years, and the only contact that I have had with the authorities was when I almost blundered into special restricted areas (sailbote race, building demolition). It does help to get a "Courtesy Examination" sticker from the Coasties - when they see that, they feel that you've shown enough interest in being legit, and tend to soften up a little. It also pays to smile and wave to the officers whenever you pass by them - nothing like a friendly boater to make their day.

Given the recent spate ot on-water tragedies, everybody should do a quick double-check to make sure you've got all your safety gear onboard and in good shape.
Retired! Boating full-time now.
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Don't get me wrong---I have no problems with them doing there job-- and it was the PIB police, not the coasties. I think next time i'll bring my rottie with me so the drug dog got somebody to play with
Boatchic--I didn't see you either---we pulled out of B dock at 5:05 on Sunday, watched them pull up to a 12 ft zodiac with like 7 people. we just kept going. We'll have to hook up next time you're going over, I didn't think you'd make the trip considering the lake on saturday.

I guess i'm just wondering if it's going to be like this all year-- 3 times out --3 boardings.

James we weren't on anything fancy, my buddies 26 Sea-ray.

Oh well--**** happens
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del sol - we stayed on C dock, arrived Friday about 2:30pm, a few back from that 50ft SeaRay.
You missed us? "5 Girls Gone Wild PIB2K2" trip #1!

We departed about the same time you did, hit the gas dock and were underway at 5pm, back to 9 mile the marina at Jacks about 7:40pm.

- Stacy
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We got stopped before we even pulled away from the dock on Sunday at the Clinton River DNR launch. Coasties just doing the standard safety/registration inspections.
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advantagerob; St Clair County always pulls over boats with large number of people. We want to check for lifevests and most don't have enough. As you know last year (Bad ticket written to you). You won't have to worry unless you get that boat in the water!!!!!!! I am tired of getting blinded by the glare from your when I drive by. Seriously it looks good. And I promose If I stop you it will only be to say HI.
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I was tied up to a sailboat about 7 miles out, I know that's suspicious, and when I was running in at about 50 mph I got into the pass. I slowed to a "No Wake" zone when my wife advised me that the coasties wanted me to "Put my Port Side to their Starboard Side and prepare to be Boarded!!!". As we tied up, we were advised to step to the rear of the boat. Now this is with my wife and my 6 month old baby and myself. They then proceeded to search my boat. Under cushions, in compartments all over "except" my personal belongings. They then lifted up my front cabin cusion and asked why there was no access hole for it and that they could drill my boat to check it out. I then spoke out that there were no drugs aboard and if they wanted to drill my boat, they had better get their check book out ! They then explained that they were not looking for drugs but were concerned that if I struck an object that the compartment could fill with water and sink. I then pointed to the decal stateing that this vessel was approved by the United States Coastguard. They filled out a long form and handed it to me and said that if I was to get stopped again, show them the paper. I was then "released" without so much an appology. I then asked why they can search my boat but not personal items seeing how to me, my boat is my personal item and was advised to move on......Wardey
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Default Talk about B.S.

Got pulled over by the CT. DEP police over the weekend. Passenger asks why that boat way behind us has a flashing blue light, so I pull over and wait for the police boat to catch up.

First thing out of their mouths was that they had been trying to catch me for several miles,,, I told them I guess they needed a faster boat,,,, The joke didn't go over too well, they ask for registration, and tell me they pulled me over because my stern light wasn't on,, asks to see vests for all passengers, pull out the fire extinguisher, throw-able, They even checked to the labels on all the life jackets for coast guard approval... meanwhile a ski boat goes by without any lights on and a skiier wakeboarding. They pull them over talk for about 1 minute and let them keep skiing.. Talk about a B.S. pull-over.
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Hey Gary, good to hear all that waxing I've been doing is working. I haven't seen you on the board in a while, welcome back. I can totally understand why I get pulled over with the large crew on-board, It's never a big deal, I take it in stride and my friends all freak out like it's a major catastrophy, especially the ladies aboard.

I'm still waxin away, I'll be finishing it tonight I belive, then hopefull hit the water this weekend. I better get my trailer tags updated.

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