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I got pulled over twice on saturday with in once at 11am, getting gas, again at 3pm as I pulled away from my dock. First was Coast Guard, they boarded the boat, I asked the guy to take his shoes off, since he was getting ready to jump on the bow. He gave me a dirty look, told him if he scratched it he is paying for it, then I pulled out the dig cam. He decieded to board from the stern then.

Second time was VA game wardens, just checked all my stuff and let me go, Told them I had been checked once that day already and it was getting old, showed him the paper the CG gave me, and that was that.

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I really dont mind it when the locals on the lakes pull me over.
They either are doing one of two things.

Their job
Or giving me a reality check about something I might have been doing wrong.
Now don't get me wrong. I have been stopped for no reason what so ever. They just give the SAFETY check excuse. Sometimes they warrant this. Most times they may just use it to be coy.
Most of them that don't know me actually get upset when everything checks out fine. I really like it when the continue to ask 'wheres the refreshements'
Most do not believe when I as if they would like a Mountain Dew or Water. Because that is the only thing I have. They always ask aboutthe beer. None on this ride. There has only been one time beer was on any of my boats in the last 10 years. And that was at the Shootout last year. And then that was only a 6 pack for a crew member.
Be honest with them, let them know you appreciate them, remind them to be around when also needed, and most important, allow them to do thier job. Some may not like it, some may try and be POWER hounds of thier badge, but most can make or break your day. Tick them off and you are sure to be more pissed at them then they will be of you
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Default And this is what went on

Canada, U.S. snare boaters for booze, drugs
Molly Kavanaugh
Plain Dealer Reporter
Boats, planes and dogs from 18 U.S. and Canadian agencies patrolled the waters around the Lake Erie islands over the holiday weekend looking for boaters who were drunk or carrying illegal drugs.
And they found them.
The joint operation, dubbed Northern Fence, nabbed 11 boaters with illegal drugs, including a Michigan man who had 5 grams of cocaine.
The man, who was boating near Put-in-Bay, also had his 26-foot power boat confiscated, said U.S. Coast Guard Master Chief Petty Officer Stephen Betters, operation coordinator. The Ottawa County Sheriff's Department is handling the cocaine investigation.
Six boaters were cited for boating under the influence.
The number of offenses is preliminary, because more reports could come in. Boaters were cited around the islands, Sandusky, Port Clinton and Catawba Island.
Customs and immigration officials also participated, but no one was cited for offenses handled by those agencies.
Northern Fence is not a one-shot operation. It will be activated throughout the summer, sometimes for just one day, said Betters, who is based at the Coast Guard station in Marblehead.
During the five-day operation, which ended Monday, agents combed Lake Erie from Huron west to Port Clinton and north to Leamington, Ontario, 40 miles away. Seven canine units, four airplanes, one helicopter and numerous boats were used.
The first meeting to discuss this international operation was held just before Sept. 11, Betters said. The terrorist attacks reinforced the goal - to work together and to share intelligence information, he said.
In all, 39 boats were boarded and 95 stopped and checked but not boarded. "One of the big things we try to do is educate boaters," Betters said.
Most boaters were friendly and cooperative, he said.
Contact Molly Kavanaugh at:
[email protected], 1-800-767-2821

2002 The Plain Dealer. Used with permission.
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I was stopped by the CG this weekend about 10 minutes after blowing a motor...we were limping back to the marina on one motor and the rubber boat decides to stop me for a safety inspection...the current was moving pretty good and pushing me towrds a bouy, so tell them that I only have one engine and just let me get away from this bouy(which is now about 15 feet of my starboard bow)...

well...after I back away from them, they decide to let me go...the guy says "never mind...have a nice day"

Thanks for letting me go guys...
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