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Go Pro HD Tips?


Old 05-17-2011, 12:44 PM
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Default Go Pro HD Tips?

I have the Go Pro HD camera with the suction cup mount and also the extreme surfboard 3M mount.

I am going to try and use it this weekend to get some good video of rough water running in my 28 Pantera.

I was thinking of mounting it on the bow of the boat and pointing it back at the cockpit.

Does anyone have any tips or advice on how to get some good footage?

I am pretty excited.

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Old 05-17-2011, 12:55 PM
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I saw a couple videos of people mounting them on the transom and the videos looked cool. It was really neat seeing the prop come out of the water and all that jazz.
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I put a "backup" tether on mine, just in case the suction cup fails...hasn't so far, but you never know.

I've done a few different angles...on the outboard engine cowl looking down at the on the transom starting under water looking at the nose cone and pad, and also on the side of the hull looking forward.

Have fun!!!
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I just got mine, but use the teather also, just worried about it.

On another boat the guy had it mounted to a pole he swung around. His video had some great shots going under the water at idle. Then holding it up watching the crew bouncing around to hanging out the side of the boat. I was inpressed with the video, but the guy obviously knew what he was doing.
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What ever you do, do not point it at the gas gauge
Boat videos are supposed to be fun to watch.
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I agree with the comments to tether it so no one ends up eating it ( mine has never come loose as well ) and also to move around to try various angles. Easily done with the suction cup mount. You can then edit the best of each angle to come up with an interesting video.
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anyone buy the new screen option yet??? if so how's it working???
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What setting are you using? Seems to take forever for youtube upload to. Been using R4, believe this is 720p.
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Originally Posted by LAriverratt View Post
anyone buy the new screen option yet??? if so how's it working???
I have it. Works great and does what it's supposed to. Also gives me the option to watch the video with my GoPro instead of having to hook it up to a tv or computer to view it. This comes in handy when there isn't a computer close by.

I programmed mine to shut the screen off 15 seconds after I turn the camera on so the battery will last longer. I don't need to see the screen the entire time I'm recording something.

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from 2010 KW, when put in a spot where you think you may lose it zip tie it! On the race boats I always zip tie them, the suction cup has always held!
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