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So who won........Havasu or LOTO???????

Old 05-31-2002, 10:56 AM
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Well said Buck!
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Uncle Toys
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Sorry Nort, itís time for us to concede defeat. I was on the channel all day Saturday and the only OSO members I saw were Cat & Mice and Dustin Whipple. Unless other OSO members come forward, we are toast bro.
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Just had to do my part to clarify the rules of engagement

And to think I was not even there.
at least maybe not in person but in my thoughts

"I do like that fact that we have nothing better to argue about other then who can have a betteer time though. I think it's great anywhere we can get together. Wish we could have one big OSO blowout somewhere and have everyone come. It's kind of like arguing about my dad being bigger than your dad. "

I totally agree with a central meeting place

Kinda like our Chicago winter meeting

However, what is the best place for a summer event that would be large enough to handle ALL of OSO??
It wouldn't be LOTO by chance would it??

By all means I think it may be the place.

centrally located

people from all directions already flock there

largest amount of condos and resorts on the water

enough dockage to accomadate all the boats

whose up for?????????

I say we start this a a major plan

maybe for next year. What about Jeffrey?? Care to sponsor you children into the largest one time gathering for all of OSO???

If others agree, let it be known. Maybe others can thing of a similar place? Maybe not
This Cat is trying to keep up with the Big Dogs
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Old 06-01-2002, 01:10 AM
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It does not take a holiday to bring out the large crowds to Havasu, I'm not sure about LOTO. But the photos posted by Phantomcaos are typical of any spring or summer weekend. I was in Havasu for Memorial Day and the 2 weeks prior. I can tell you the sandbar was totally outa control. Boobies everywhere! Maybe someday I'll make it down to LOTO.
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Old 06-01-2002, 02:54 AM
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Default Does not look huge to me!!

Originally posted by Troutly
Pix of the OSO raft off on Sunday you it is
That looks like A LOT less boats than I saw at our "little" Lake Pleasant outside of Phoenix! Counted at least 4 raft-ups of 20+ boats and this lake does not come close to Havasu for crowds. Havasu kicks ass!!
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Old 06-01-2002, 02:56 AM
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Default Nice water??!!

What's up with the ****-brown water at LOTO?? Looks nasty.
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Originally posted by Too Old
I've seen the photos of LOTO.

I've also noticed the silence from our left coast brethren.

Where's the Havasu photos?
You won't see any photos of our once great gathering spot, the Sandbar. Things out here got so crazy. the law shut it down on holidays. Things went way beyond a little flashing, pole dancing, and some noise complaints When you have full on film production crews wandering around there you know it ain't for the boats!!! You guys need to count your blessings that you still have the cove, lucky %$#@#@. Alas, things at our Sandbar went too far, as things went further and further into the gutter it unfortunately brought along fights, stabbings and the wrong element that wasn't there for the boating. But we will soldlier on at our puddle with our little puddle boats. How long to the 4th??????
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Too Old, understood , and I too, was ignorant to the "rules" of the original challange. In such a case LOTO is the clear winner given our "unorganized" methods of gathering at Havasu without the Sandbar! But Havasu or LOTO, looks like there was a lot of fun. Friend of mine goes back to LOTO every July. I've been tempted to do it again. I did it with him the first trip in '98. If we get the bigger boat, that would make the decision easier. Then I'd just have to deal with a hard 2 day drive and the chance of a rain out I'd hate to drive that far and end up on a rainy weekend. But, there's always the bars on the water I guess .

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Old 06-02-2002, 09:21 PM
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Originally posted by LutzParty
Hey Cat.


Does it ever get so crazy that we want to stay away? What foolish question. Why would we, of course it gets crazy and NO we never stay away.

You can find any phase of craziness at LOTO. Sometimes its on your boat and sometimes its right next door. So with that said it sounds like you should probably just stay away.
Being that you have only been to Havasu once I guess you just would not understand. Try coming out on a holiday weekend sometime and you will see what I am talking about. We spent our memorial weekend boating on the Pacific Ocean in our new Cig (and saw a few other OSO members out there as well), the Havasu trip is this weekend for the Regatta for the HTM guys that were killed. Don't worry about me staying away, with the Pacific 10 minutes away, Havasu 4.5 hours away and the rest of the lakes out west I don't think you will see me at LOTO anytime soon. With that said, have a great summer.
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Default And you have a great summer as well


Yes we have only been to Havasu one time and it was a great trip! Met some of the OSO crowd and several other boaters. We find as im sure you do too that boaters in general are great people.

I envy you having the whole pacific 10 minutes away. We have to drive for 3 hours to do our boating due to the fact that we leave our boats at LOTO. It is a great drive whenever we go, packing the kids in the car and cruising down the highway. Great Quality Family time.

This whole Havasu vs LOTO thing has been tongue in cheek bantering between the west coasters and the midwest coasters. Some take it toooooo serious and some have jumped into this at the end not knowing the levity involved.

No matter where you boat we are all the same. Looking to have fun enjoying a sport that is both relaxing and invigorating.

Perhaps I was a bit harsh in my statement to you to stay away. You really should come to LOTO and ck out our style of boating and partiing, if only Once. We came to Havasu Once and hope to come again, maybe even on a wild holiday weekend. I just hope they dont close things down, we are not used to that. nudge nudge wink wink.

Have fun and when you see the other OSOers on the water give them a hearty hello from the Midwest Coast crowd.

PS we would love to come to San Diego and go boating sometime as well. We have been there many times in the Mission Bay area but never to boat. There are some very nice boats in the Marina there.

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