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2003 Sunsation 288 whacha think ???

Old 06-17-2011, 04:48 PM
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One of my closest friends has a '05 288 closed bow. It has a 496 mag HO w tube headers and it runs 72 on GPS with 4 people 3/4 tank of fuel and 2 coolers. It is a great boat with a great ride. I would love to have one.
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Originally Posted by JKetels View Post
I may be your bidding competition! It seems like a very nice boat and I would really like to own it as well. What does everyone think about the ride in rough water for the ZXO donzi and the sunsation 288 MCOB?
I now own a ZXO. It was not my first choice, but I could not strike a deal on a 288 MCOB. In my own opinion, I feel the donzi may have the edge in rough water. I think a 288 is about 4500 lbs dry, and the zxo with twin 350 mags is 6500 dry. I dont know about hull design, but I would think 2000 lbs would help it run better in the chop.
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Originally Posted by VetteLT193 View Post
Now all that said, I didn't go sunsation because of the single engine. It's a lot of boat for a single 496, especially when you have a party on board. It seems that this style boat attracts friends like flies and when you have 10 people on board it would be nice to get on plane on the way to the sand bar.
You would be surprised at how well the singe engine 288 runs and gets on plane fully loaded. In fact I know several poeple who prefer the single to the twin small blocks because the weight savings, center gravity being dead center makes the boat fly extremely straight, cheaper maintenance etc etc.

I had the cabin in my 288 so full with camping gear last year you could not get in the cabin. We also had stuff on the floor of the seating area + 4 people. We were at Lake Powell which is higher in elevation and the boat came up on plane easily and ran fine for 40 miles uplake. I have a single 502 EFI.
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I think it is a great looking boat, that black motor is probly good for 1000 hrs, it is what it is, not trying to be the fastest but good looking boat. I like the idea of a good size single motor sporty boat with an open bow.
I would love to have it on my dock right next to my Donzi ZR
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These are probably one of the best all around boats in my bias opinion LOL
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quick story, I had a 2002 288 for 1 year, absolutely loved it, gets on plane easy and you honestly never need the trim tabs nd overall rides great. Sold it for other reasons having nothing to do with the boat. But the story goes like this, I called someone, not sure who at the factory when I was looking to see if they knew of any dealers with a 288 for sale, he gave me 2 names, niether one had something I was really interested in so I moved on and bought one private sale. 2 weeks later I get a phone call on my cell phone from Joe at the factory on his way home from work congratulating me on my purchase and wondering if I had any questions. Not sure how he even knew I bought it but thats customer service! How often do you buy a used vehicle and the owner of the company calls you just to say HI???
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that sounds like real customer service . I cain't understand why Reggie didn't call me , I have bought 2 fountains in the last 4 years . I guess I bought the wrong brand , but then I did get 2 big blue motors . just kidding . very nice boat and customer service .
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Saw the bid ended early, did you buy it direct?
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I was going to do some bidding late, but it ended early, I wonder what this boat went for cause its exactly what I am looking for.
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got for what his reserve was. I was talking to him from the begining of the auction and made him the offer and he took it.
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