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Had My Truck Chipped

Old 06-04-2002, 12:13 AM
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Default Hey jafo!!!!

You gonna tow that bad boy down to the Thunder Run ? If you are we should hook up and make the trip together.
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Old 06-04-2002, 12:17 AM
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You guys have to run Prem gas for the gassers with the chip upgrades? My 250 SD 5.4L could use a little push.

jafo, nice Avter. Where'd you get the idea?
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h20warrior- We are definitely going to make the ThunderRun- wouldn't miss it even though we'll probably be the baby of the fleet! We'll be leaving the boat in FL for the winter. We'll have to talk dates on when we're traveling down- maybe Todd and Tracy can join in too! Kaama, what about you?

US1- the avatar? hope you don't mind- the idea came from you of course- I thought it was great, and I am proud to be a charter member!
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Old 06-04-2002, 01:17 AM
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h2owarrior, The numbers are great ! WD has the tri power chip that with exhaust and ram air adds 75 hp on low , about 110hp on medium and about 165 hp and 350 ft lbs torque on high ! Most guys were afraid of the tri power for a while but thats all I've sold latley ! Right now I'm booked for installs about 4 weeks on just trip power chip and exhaust set ups ! The season is hear ! Every one is going camping , pulling boats , and horse trailers or just rippin up the pavement !
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Old 06-04-2002, 01:31 AM
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ALso ,"Why don't the factories do it ? "
Well they don't need to . Besides were do you stop . WHen they were 215 hp they were great at the time ! THen 235 ,then 250 ,then 275 now talking 3 something ! THere will always be more , Thank god ! Besides ,A lot of people have no buisness with too much power ! How many of you have blown transmissions , and ripped out clutches ? And that was stock ! What are you going to do with more power ! MY brother is pissed at me because I won't put a chip in his truck . He is too hard on equipment and when he brakes it I don't want to hear it ! Extreme power is great in the right hands . But you have to respect it ! The factories don't want to here you crying about how you broke it so they won't directly offer the extra power .

However ,they do offer it .......
Yes ,Centurion trucks come with Western diesel products installed and sold from Ford lots ! And another company called "2L customs " in Texas installs WD stuff on all there trucks . THese truck customizers and others are all backed by Ford and they stand behind them . THat must say something for WD. Centurion alone gets something like the first 3000 trucks off the line each year from Ford .

JAfo ,Glad things are working well ! I take it you got the picture OK ? Was it easy enough ? WHat kind of readings are you getting on the gauges ? Take care ,JOE
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Old 06-04-2002, 10:52 AM
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Default Need for power!

Very interesting thread, Do they also make that set-up for a dodge gas engine? I sure could use some extra something,sometimes I think that my truck is just tugging at the Boat not pulling it!! But big Boat and little truck(half ton) Guess I cant expect too much!! Spent my money for the boat maybe next year we can get a bigger truck..
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Old 06-04-2002, 02:12 PM
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I know... The computer says i am getting 19-20 but i am only getting 16-17.5. Not too bad, I tend to drive 80-85 on the highway
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Hey Jafo - I have a 2000 Excursion PSD. I've been looking at exhaust for this truck but I am concerned about the clearance on the downpipe using 4". The stock 3.25" is shielded because it is VERY close to the firewall. I was told by many aftermarket exhaust companys (B&B, Banks, etc.) that 4" would not work on the Excursion. Do you really have 4" or is it necked down to 3.5"?
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Troutly is right on the money . Check it the right way . I get 18 mpg running hard . Not too bad . Diesels can gain almost unlimited hp from chips . 150-170hp and still be drivable if set up right . Gas motors are tuff .They have no turbos to add boost like diesels do . And you can't just add more fuel to a gas engine .It dosen't work like it does for diesels . ON some of the older" big trucks ", We used to put vise grips on the rubber return fuel line for racing .Make it burn all the fuel ! Gain an instant 100 hp ! (Don't try this at home )!! There are chips that claim 15-30hp for gas engines . You need custom exhausts ,good air intakes , you could even run a cooler thermostat . This all would wake it up pretty good ! But you need to always run premium gas .

AZDominator, I am a western diesel distributer and installer . I also do my own custom stainless exhausts too .The WD exhaust has a 3 1/2" down pipe with 4 " from there back , large pollished stainless muffler and 5" pollished tip . Everything is stainless . Beautiful peice .Bolts right up like factory .
Beware of 4" down pipes ! You will loose some low end torque and thats were you need it to make it drivable and good mileage . I can get 4" down pipes if you want but I don't recomend it . It works better then stock but the 3 1/2 I think is more responsive . Also , I have done some trucks lately that had other companies exhausts on them and I see only some of the parts are stainless not all . Make sure what you are getting for your money . If I can help let me know . I give OSO discounts too ! JOE

[email protected]
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Hey Boot...You e-mailed me some stuff awhile ago {Thanx} But...Isnt there something simple? no exhaust etc. Im not looking for a rocket....50 hp& make the tranny shift better??? I know these tranys are weak I dont want much! 2000 PSD Auto
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