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Had My Truck Chipped

Old 06-07-2002, 10:53 AM
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Am I guessing right that the AIC from Ford could be added on to my 2K Excursion? If so, what could I expect in cost to do so?
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Old 06-07-2002, 01:26 PM
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HP 500, could you explain the functions the AIC controls and how it works ? What does AIC stand for ? I have been thinking about upgrading and am curious what this AIC is all about.
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Old 06-07-2002, 01:54 PM
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AIC=Automatic Idle Control

It plugs right into a factory port. Your best bet is to search for prices. Some guys over there are giving members a deal.

The AIC has preprogrammed RPM's that allow you to "high" idle the motor. In Winter, if you idle, your EGT's will be below the recommended 275-300 degrees so the AIC is capable of idleing up the motor to 1200 or 1600 or ?? so that the motor can continue to idle in cold weather. It also functions as a battery charger. If you idle your PSD at the factory 680 RPM, you will actually drain your batteries over time. Hit a few buttons and the AIC will adjust motor RPM to keep the batteries fully charged.

Summer time is also a benefit because it allows you to high idle the motor and keep the trucks AC on and a cool cab .

It has another program if you use a PTO.

The other nice thing about it is the digital tach. When the motor is started, the digital tach is on. The only way the AIC is allowed to function is if the truck is in park and the emergency brake is engaged.

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hp500efi, I have some experience with the factory one . Works good . A little pricy aren't they ! I forget how much but it's enough !NIce gauges .Are they auto meter ?
Good explanation of it ! One other thing to add is that the reason it runs cold at idel is diesel dosen't burn at that slow of a piston speed . You need about 1100 to fully burn all the fuel . If that diesel sits and idels for too long in the winter it will go down to dead cold on the gauge . I stopped to sleep once for about an hour after running about 26 hours straight .it was about 20 degrees out . When I woke up 2 hours later I was about frozen ! The truck had ice inside on the windows ! Had to drive around the parking lot to make some heat . That was in the older ones . The new ones have the fast idle feature but the box just makes it better ! Like you said ,another toy !

Birddog ,

Jafo , Yes you can get one . It lugs right in under dash . Don't remember $$$. Probably a few more $$$$$$$ !

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Old 06-08-2002, 06:08 PM
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Boot, what's your number, I'd like to give you a call RE chip for my new Dodge diesel. Thanks, Steve
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Old 06-10-2002, 09:27 AM
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Unhappy My apologies

I bow my head in shame. After reading my post, I see how it could have been taken badly. I think it may have been the "PowerJoke" comments......

(Gotta stop posting after too many beers....)

My sincere apologies. I am not 'dissing anyones choice in truck. My info on the Ford powerplant is 3 years old and perhaps they have been improved..??..
In fact, I think Ford makes a very nice cab and susp., then GM, then Dodge. (But what the hell did they do to the vans about 6 years ago?? All those front ends looking like old BMW's kinda bug me. hehe)
Regardless of chugging a bit of oil, Fords motor (of three years ago anyway) is certainly not a POS. I have seen them with 230,000 still running decent. I was more kidding about "powerjoke" than anything else, but the beer made me forget that you folks could not see me winking when I said it. :>)

I just think that the Cummins motor has it over all of them. The Getrag it was mated to in the Dodge untill about three years ago at least...while having no more problems than the not a winner in my book though.

If I could order a Ford with a Cummins B series in it, I would be in heaven! Just make one of the old NP's a 5 speed and hold the bulletproof reliability.

Where is my truck?? Sitting in the backyard. After 480,000 miles the little Cummins A series was just a bit too old for its next Ford chassis. (I installed it myself, because I was not satisfied with offerings on the market at that time.) But it passed emissions, had more power than the 300/6 that came out and got 25 MPG in a full size Ford Club wagon van with dual tanks and all the goodies! (All this through an AOD and a 3.50 rear ratio....hack, daughter could drive it once she learned how to pull the manual timing advance on those cold mornings)

I find it sad that we have the tech. to make a truck that will burn the tires off the back, yank a huge boat, bathe us in comfort and options.....but won't last for 500,000 miles without replacing half the bolt-ons. I guess it would make the automakers go broke. that I have made my apology and explained myself a bit better.... I am curious. Who do you think makes the best diesel engine with longevity, power and general ERRRRRRRR industrial stregth in mind?

Wouldn't you like to be able to order a Ford truck with any motor offerings out there? We have not even talked about Mitsubishi truck offerings, Volvo...etc etc.

There are many 24' trucks out there with inline motors that fit in a one ton easily...

Enter my mindset for one moment please and cast off what the big three offer. Lets say you could build your truck like a jigsaw puzzle and have a Duramax in a Ford with a Getrag trans if you wanted it.....

If you could have your dream Dual wheel one-ton pickup with comfort in mind....but main purpose is raw pulling balls (with matching brakes) and fuel economy.....what would the cab/chassis, motor and trans be?

I am very interested in your and other peoples thoughts on this.
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Question Who has the best diesel ?

Troutly, luv ya man but Cummins does not have the best diesel going.

Caterpillar does !!!!!!!!!!

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Old 06-10-2002, 01:15 PM
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H20 and troutly: You are both right on the money.
Both Cummins and Cat are industrial motors that will outlast any Ford or GM V8. Inline is inline. Regardless of what anyone says, there is a reason why the fleets run mainly inline motors. Longevity!

When Ford dumped the gas 4.9 (300 ci) 6 cylinder and went to the "updated" V6, look what happened to the longevity. (PHHHHHHHTP) But the 300 was a heavy industrial motor that had a serious bottom end to it, built to last from way-back-in-years "farm design" (hehe) and would run forever if you did not wind the snot out of it unloaded. Show me one of the new "better" V6's that has 250,000 miles on it and still runs.

Good luck finding one.

Yet 300's commonly made a quarter million and more. (Usually driven to the boneyard with Fred Flintstone floors still running fine.) Those were the trucks that Ford built its fleet name on. 240's and 300's were total smashing success stories! What do they have now?
Given the choice of all 1/2 ton gas base motor pickups out there....I would buy a damn Tundra!

I have chewed fleet data for years (do it for a living) and you should see what Cat and Mitsubishi had going for them five years ago! They could have tossed that sweet little turbo 6 with 325 into an F350 dualie like nothing.....would have toasted anything out there (cummins included). Gotten better mileage too!

Long live turbo whistle
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Gumby- are your refering to the Cat 3116 or the 3126 ? I understand the reason the motors were not put into light duty truck applications was the amount of torque they produce is too high for the light duty drive lines and by the time you derated the motor to the point the driveline would live, the cost outweighed the benefit.
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Default I meant the Mitsu.....

The tranny that was behind the 325 horse mitsu was the same weight as the Ford trans... (was thinking of building another one)... While the motor was actually lighter than the PS. You could get it in (From memory now, so I might be a little off) 205, 275 and 325 HP.
I hear you loud and clear on the drivetrain, but the only thing they would have had to really beef up is the rearend. I have seen dual wheeled trucks beat to the point of rear-end explode and never seen them break a spring or twist a frame.

The question was asked about why the big three dont jump up the fuel in thier trucks and make more power. I think it is the same reason they did not go for big turbo inline power.

Americans, (50% of them at least) are idiots.

My friend popped a chip into his Jetta TDI. Brought the car to 25 PSI out of the turbo and about 125 HP. Made the car sweet, fun to drive and did nothing to the mileage. But..tromp it in the rain and the thing turns tire in third gear. The turbo comes on all at once and you need to have a little bit of skill with the throttle in slippery conditions. In snow, you actually have to be carefull with the car or you lose your steering.
The big power Dodge I had the pleasure of driving was the same way. You had better not roll that thing on full bore in the will be sorry unless you know what you are doing.
Sadly, as we all know here, few people know what they are doing. High turbo output is peaky power, therefore it lacks the "granny-safe" linear driveability.

(Funny though...that little Jetta motor is available in the UK with 175 HP right from the factory. What does that say about Americans??)

I think that is why they don't lean towards the more industrial motors in the 1 ton trucks. Peaky power would bring about some ******* who was showing off and lost it with a class action suit etc etc.....

Like one of the guys who posted here earlier said.."..big power...big responsibility.." how true it is.

I have not checked on the Cat's smaller engines lately, but the stuff they were putting into the big rigs was neck in neck for fleet cost with the Detroit motors. (At least on the data of the 10,000 trucks I deal with.)
If there is one thing I have learned from crunching all the numbers for fleets, it is that reliability and costs change from year to year. That is why I am not "brand-loyal".
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