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Cool Boater List - how do you rate

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All good but NASWHO?? Round and round in circles does not excite me.
What about twin blown V-6's?? Does that compensate for a single V8??
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blown v6's, ok, it'll do. +1 must sound pretty cool.

as far as NASCAR. if you haven't stood next to the fence 2 feet from the track at the start of the race when 42 cars literally blow your Chevy hat off as they pass you at 190+. you haven't lived. The shock wave is undescribable. I love to take first timers down there and not tell them what's about to happen, they jump out of their shorts We will be at the Michigan Race this Sunday for the Michigan 500, deep frying a cajun injected Turkey and drinking some Canadian Beer.

My cousin, Tim Steel, runs the ARCA series. they run on Saturdays with almost identical cars. last time I was at the race shop. he had 9 cars race ready,two in the race hauler, and 7 spare engines on the bench, and a tool box on 4 wheels that outweighed the car. It had a 500 watt stereo!!!!

keep the additional ideas coming, THE'RE GREAT!! Mike (waterfoul) and I will tabulate them .
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Hey Mike ,
We stopped in GR for a pitstop on the way and everthing was fine... but when we got to Holland it was all bad. I'm a little pissed because I should have noticed it, maybe if it was daylite out I would have seen it smoking.
Also if we wouldn't have arranged to have it fixed Saturday we would still be there right now !!! No one works on Sundays over there !!
The last words from the person that we borrowed the trailer from was " everything should be fine, I had it all checked out"
Here's what was wrong with the trailer:
Replaced both spindles (the one we messed up and and one that was already messed up)
Repacked and tightend the rest of them.
Brakes weren't working so good either.
I did see JAFO's boat out on the water. I waved , we were in the 31 Scarab that had purple ,red and yellow graphics.

Hey Rob,
I thought all REAL race cars are from Europe ? Formula one and FIA rally .
Just kidding , I do like the BIG tracks , Theres nothing like seeing a traffic jam moving at 190 !!
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+ 10 for a 100mph boat
- 10 for lying about your top speed
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Trailer must have some sort of mag wheels, plus 1 for aluminum.
Plus 1 for trailer matching boat, plus 5 for truck matching boat and trailer............I actually did very well, and I love Winston Cup!!!..............Doug.
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Okay, I was a little bored so I thought I'd have some fun!!!

1) Fail - The NASCAR thing doesn't do it for me either. I have to admit it is a lot better in person than on TV but it's still a "redneck roundy-round".
2) Pass - I know the results of the last APBA race and where the next one is
3) Fail - If you have any type of NASCAR flag(or sticker) then I am sorry but you're a redneck, and there is no such thing as a "cool redneck", that's an oxymoron!
4) Fail - Usually jammin to some Disturbed, Powerman, Zombie, etc
5) Pass - Sony Xplod everything - CD head unit, 10 disc changer, 4 6 1/2 3-way speakers, 880 watt 5 channel amp and a 10" sub.
6) Pass - I am ALWAYS tan
7) Pass - Not one, but two POLISHED STAINLESS BLACKHAWK PROPS. Bonus points?
8) Pass
9) Fail
10) Pass
11) Fail - Sorry, those little orange ones are cheap!
12) Pass
13) Pass
14,15,16) Pass - 2000 Chevy Silverado Z71
17) Pass - ALWAYS
18) Pass/Fail - I have a very good anchor but it has a lot of ROPE on it. What the hell is rode?
19) Fail - I don't need VHF channels, I have cable!
20) Fail - I know them (except rode)but don't use them. Chicks think you're a anal dork when you start talking like that. At least cool, hot chicks do!
21) Pass
22) Pass
23) ? Pass ?
24) Pass
25) Pass
26) Pass
27) Fail - How the hell do you get tan with a shirt on?
28) Pass - Well, I think. What's the definition of a "cool" towel?
29) Pass - Well, once again I think I do. I have a sweet set of polarized metals with blue lenses? If by cool you mean Oakleys then I fail. Oakleys are for watching NASCAR!
30) Pass
31) Pass
32) Pass - 5300 V-8 with 4.10 ratios
33) Pass - Rockford Fosgate amp, Polk 4x6's and 6 1/2's, two Pioneer 8" sub boxes
34) Pass - 75 mph all day long
35) Pass - Sleeping on the couch over boating?
36) Fail - Okay, I'd rather sleep on the couch than go boating in 50* rainy weather
37) Pass
38) Pass - A big pass!!!
39) Pass - I have about 14 coolie cups onboard at all times
40) Pass - Does opening it up with my powerful bicep count?
41) Pass
42) Pass
43) Pass - Well, usually, unless I scared all of them!
44) Pass
45) Pass - ALWAYS
46) Pass - I think. The wording on that one confused me a little.
47) Pass - Usually
48) Fail - I didn't know you can talk on VHF! Back when I was young and my parents didn't have cable we couldn't talk on the VHF channels!
49) Fail - Why bother, they are always wrong!
50) Pass
51) Pass
52) Pass
53) Pass - A BIG PASS. Morons at the launch make me very, very angry!
54) Fail - Oh well, I'd rather have a 22' boat that does 75 than a 30' boat that does 60!
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Default do you rate today?????
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Old 03-17-2007, 10:51 PM
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Damn, there's a resurection of an old thread!
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Sweet! Great list!
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Originally Posted by Jayl13 View Post
Get this
Take all the ones you failed and put them all together and imagine what you would look like

16 ft bayliner with a vertical antenna and no thru hulls, with some girly name on it like wilma, playing a news radio station, wearing a gay shirt, no sunglasses and bugs in your teeth from running through the weeds cause you cant hang in the channel with no women or anyone on board, ghost white no tan, and your boat is filthy and dirty and not waxed and your FENDERS are hangin on all 4 corners and your boat still is all bashed up and your trying to get a hold of yer redneck wife on channel 16

Sorry could not resist

Actually what is worse than this is having a 10 thou pound paperweight in your driveway!!!!!!!!!

Hang on a second......thats almost every boat in Europe
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