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101 things a new boater should know?

Old 09-27-2011, 02:33 PM
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Here ya go:

Don't leave without it.
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1) Ensure that your fuel gauges are working properly.
2) Learn how much fuel your boat consumes.
3) Take your time! Launching, docking, rafting, trailering - rushing any of these leads to silly, costly mistakes.
4) Never take boating advice from anyone who has never owned a boat.
5) Finally, use your boat and use it often.
Darn good list going there -- for a skipper new to boating.
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Replace your impeller once a year/season.

Never play cards with a guy whose nickname is a city ie.- "Cincinnati" Jim/ "Deadwood" Joe etc....

(when boating to gambling destinations)

Uncle Dave
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if you are going to play your stereo while hanging out or at a raft up use only one battery....if you only have one check it often
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Thanks a bunch guys, I'm learning tons already. How bout some tips on operation? Crossing wakes safely, safe general operation, use of tabs, use of trim.

Right now I get up on plane with no tabs, drive trimmed all the way down, and I porpois (SP) a bit. Met a guy at the lake and he said that I need to trim the engine up and then put tabs down, I did that and the porpoisng got extremely bad and I wasn't comfortable with it so I got out of the throttle, trimmed back down and put tabs back nuetral. Problem is for whatever reason I'm not getting the MPH out of the boat that I think I should be able to achieve. On my wifes phone GPS, it said I hit 45.9mph at WOT. Keep in mind that I am operating at about 5280ft elevation but still. Engine RPM was reading around 4200 at WOT, couldn't get any more than that. Engine is a 502 carbed, bravo 1 drive with a bravo 1 24p prop.


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That takes time learning the feel. It sounds like you still need it trimmed up more. You will feel the sweet spot between the rigth trim point and at too much you will feel a drop in speed again.
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Listen to everything else said on here and to me most importantly, pay close attention to everyone else, because some A$$ Clown may have gotten just gotten his first boat also and not asked for advice. I don't worry about me being in control on the water, I worry about all the others.........
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In reference to your other thread's video.

1.) NEVER run your engine in the "trailer" position! You will destroy
your drive line. Search the "21.75" dimension threads. That should be
the maximum raised position you should warm up the engine.

2.) Make your passengers supply the frosty beverages. The Captain
has enough things to worry about.

3.) NO fat chicks.
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About operation, make sure when docking you are shifting, neutral, forward, neutral, forward. Etc. Also put in the occassional reverse if u need to slow. Down... another thing, try using empty docks to practice... one mor thing... opperate ur boat like you have a brain, for instense, don't go WOT in 5 ft. Waves. A 25 ft boat is not made to do that. Happy boating, and congrats
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  1. BE COURTEOUS to your fellow boaters (and non-boaters). You're highly visible in a go-fast.
  2. EDUCATE yourself by reading all you can get your hands on regarding both basic and high-performance boating.
  3. BE READY for anything to happen, regardless how improbable, and DON'T PANIC when it does happen.
  4. READ ALL the owners manuals for all the components and equipment on your boat. If you don't have the manuals, GET THEM. Google is a marvelous tool.
  5. NEVER even begin to think that you know it all. Don't even bother thinking that you know a lot.
  6. Remember, you are LEGALLY THE CAPTAIN of your boat, and are therefore responsible for everything that happens, even if it's a result of one of your passengers' actions.
  7. ALWAYS make sure that you take the time to enjoy being on the water.
Retired! Boating full-time now.
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