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Fountain Bashing ???


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Default Bashing. . .

Thanks for the support. For details, Ive been running a thread in the Fountain Section.
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Thrillseeker pretty much sums it up correctly.

IMHO, I would add that when a company sees the gold at the end of the tunnel and decides to go public, they usually don't look down the road much farther than that. In the name of shareholder value costs will be trimmed unfortunatly it appears that it is at the expense of customer service in Fountain's case. When the principals spend more time playing than taking care of the core business it can only spiral downward and that does nobody any good (the employees, customers, or shareholders). It's just too bad because it doesn't have to happen
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is'nt there a lemon law in the Marine industry???
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I'm sorry for your experiences, and that they are not uncommon, but hasn't there been a history of companys going public, or being bought out by a larger company and quality decreasing? You know the founders of the company dont want this, but it's like the power is taken out of there hands, and quality suffers in the name of profits. It happened to most company's brunswick purchased, then they come back up to par after it's too late and reputations are tarnished and need to be rebuilt over time. To me there is one way to do things, That is the right way, and Fountian definitely has proved that they do know what that way is from thier history. What could change this, and why would it change? The materials they use wont change, they use the same glass, resins, putty, and lay-up schedule's they have in the past, I would think. Has there been a shake up in the workers, where people glassing and assembling for years were replaced by people that are new to the game to reduce the cost of the workforce? I dont get it, you dont forget how to do things right, do you?? I just dont get it!! Someone from the factory needs to explain why this happens, and then why they suck at taking care of it until the factory reads the posts here and decides they better repent and make everybody on oso get the warm fuzzy again for fountian.

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Here's an Idea... Take out a full page add in Offshore Mag, take tons of pictures of everything that is wrong with you boat and put this at the bottom: Life suck's when Reggie Fountain uses all the Gel to hold on His Toupe.
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As for smaller private companies being bought out by big ones, and quality suffering......remember when AMF bought Harley?......enough said.
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Sorry to here about your new boat. Maybe I can help, here is a number you can call 1-928-855-7420 Nordic Boats. Quality is outstanding!
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The difference btwn what you just said hear and what some one else said yesterday is that you listed examples and such. The other guy just basically came on and said that Fountain sucked with no background. He then later listed his situation on the fountain board. I hope that your situation gets fixed to your satisfaction.

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I really hate to hear about all the problems you are having. This is unacceptable with any brand boat, much less one with a reputation of good build quality like Fountain.

I just saw my new 36 Baja outlaw at the dealer today for the first time. We have waited over two months for it, and it is nerve racking wondering if everything will be right, work as expected, etc. etc. especially when you are spending that kind of money.

We currently have five different friends with Fountains and I have to tell you that they receive the best service of anyone on our lake. Please do not take this wrong, but Fountain is not for me. They just do not fit us. However I have said on many occassions that I wish I was buying a Fountain because of the local dealer service and support. The dealer is Britt Springs at Carolina Performance Marine in Charlotte. He goes well above the call of duty to service is customers.

You may want to call Britt for some suggestions. His girlfriend, Amy that works at the dealership use to work for Reggie and may also be able to offer some help.

These problems with Fountain really surprise me because of all the good dealer support I have seen my friends get.

One has owned three in three years, two 42's and one 38 sport cruiser, one has had a 29, now a 38 Lightning, one has had a 29 now a 35 and one has had a 27, 29, 32 and now a 35. They love their Fountains and are repeat buyers because of the good dealer support.

I wish you the best of luck in getting your problems resolved.

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interceptor232 we think alot alike
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Quick Reply: Fountain Bashing ???

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