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Best Cat On The Market

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Originally Posted by triple 300s View Post
If he has the money to buy a cat, and wants a cat, I'd say let him. The guy that has the 40' cat to sell him probably thinks the same...All these posts about how this boating community needs to hold together, get more people involved in the sport, get the boating industry turned around, etc...then someone 1) is new to the site 2) wants a boat- posts on here and half of everyone jumps his azz... "welcome to the site" and "welcome to the sport"
Nice post. I agree. I know a lot of people with some top shelf hardware that never look on here or anywhere else online. If I were to guess out of our local waters it's a 10:1 ratio.

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Originally Posted by Jupiter Sunsation View Post
This is your "fishin cat"
Bassmaster Bling........"those weldin goggles!"
Good one

And fishin' guys sign on the boat house probably reads.
"I'm a gun-totin' snapple drinkin' Bible readin' Clinton bashin' son of a *****! Never mind the dog, beware of the owner!"
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Best riding cat I have been in was Statements 50 Passion Cat, the smoothest riding cat I have been in.
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best first cat you can have

i was 36 when i got it, first year ins was 6k, second year was 4k, can wait to see what year 3 is gonna be.

Start with mild power, take Tres class, get some seat time and move up after a few years - or if you can afford it, go get a 48 MTI with 1350s, whatever works for ya, just get out on the water and have fun

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Thumbs up Best Cats

Skater 388, 40, 46, 50

MTI 40, 42, 44, 48

Performance and Beauty!!
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is this a first boat?

which lake are you on?

If you are in Muskoka a 40ft cat is pretty useless unless you are running it elsewhere.

A 28 Skater would be the right boat for any of the big 3 lakes in Muskoka.

Ragardless....just call double r and get Peter to find you a boat.

Your budget and what you want to use it for are first and foremost.

If money is no option I personally would be partial to a Skater because I love the looks but I have ridden in Nortechs and driven one with 1000's and they are great boats and extremely fun to drive. If I was in the market I would definately consider one.
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Originally Posted by PokerRun388 View Post
Cats will always have a nicer ride than any Vee hull,, however if u dont have any experience with a cat, then you mite wanna take a class and talk to others who own them for advice... Its an air-entrapment hull,, so insurance is higher for a reason..
Not all cats bounce,,, it just depends on the bottom and driver ability....Not sure what size/price range your in,, but you can start at a 25/27 or if moneys no option,, a 1+mill Skater/MTI

Just my .02......Good luck w/ your search....
always check ride/drive before buying...
Originally Posted by PokerRun388 View Post
Skater 388, 40, 46, 50

MTI 40, 42, 44, 48

Performance and Beauty!!

You need to get together with PokerRun388. He is OSO's resident
expert. The others are just posers. Follow PokerRun388's advice
verbatim and you will be A-OK.
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I'm a Skater guy. Have had at least one in my garage every year since 1998. I suppose I'm biased but they never cease to amaze me. They are fast, sturdy, maneuverable, and predictable. I really run mine hard and they never disappoint. I am also impressed with MTI's. Probably a little better finished (or at least blingy). I think a little pricier too. At the end of the day, I think it's the "Ford versus Chevy" argument as to which one rules. There are other nice cats out there (Spectre, DCB, Nortech, Eliminator, Statement, etc). Mystic is a great choice if you want to exceed 190 and make it home to dinner. But at the end of the day, if you want to go fast (140 - 180) safely, I think those two (Skater, MTI) are your best options. I won't assume that the price or insurance cost is an issue since you didn't ask what cat is best on a specific budget. I will tell you that the best, fast "starter" cat I know of is the 28 Skater. Especially when it has the Mercury 300X motors hanging off the transom. Top speed of 115 - 118, blistering acceleration, and very economical (relatively speaking). You can buy a quality used 28 Skater for 70 -100K. I suggest you take a ride in one of those and then see what you think (unless you have a fistfull of dollars and don't want to start from the beginning). I would be happy to take you for a ride in my 28 if you wish to fly to Atlanta just to experience for yourself. If baby steps and research aren't in the program, find someone with a Skater 388 or an MTI 40 - 48 and solicit or pay them for a test drive and see what high performance cats are all about. This assumes of course that you haven't already been in different cats to have already assessed them for yourself. Regardless, good luck with your search/ research.
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One your neighbor owns that lets you use with your girlfriends fathers gas card
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Originally Posted by DollaBill View Post
I cant believe the insurance was only 12k. And I'm 99% sure you cant get insurance on a cat if you havent worked your way up. With that being said I dont think you'll be able to get into a fast V......

I would think your insurance on a cat like that would run you $30-50000 for the season. Cat guys chime in plz...

08 42' OL quote came back today.


Worse than the cat but John said it would go down quickly each year.
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