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Commentary: The Price of What

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Originally Posted by T2x View Post
Thanks for your comments. The only point on which we differ (and the reason I'm "obsolete") is that I have been saying this for the last 20-25 years.

You are the best proponent for this objective Rich.

However this sport here in the US is just not organized.

Grant it there are small entities organizing races here and there as well as some series but if the organizers make the requirements for racing more and more expensive they will see the numbers of racers dwindle down to nothing. I don't know exactly the age of the boats racing last weekend but my guess is only the 3-5 boats has anything onboard remotely resembling what your preaching. And the show would be a lot different with only 3-5 boats.

Unless you get an entity with financial horsepower making a descent show and requiring stringent safety equipment, whatever it is your suggestions are although very accurate will just not happen, your aware of that look at the last 25 years as you said.

Racing in Europe and the Middle East seems organized a little more like what we aim for but still heavily politicized and dependent on the entity pumping the organizing cash.

Maybe it can happen, Steve David explains a system that worked in Unlimited Hydro although the series is relatively small but at least there is not twenty competing sanctioning bodies setting up races, I think.

Unless someone with major money starts organizing the sport and taking a hard stance on safety it is simply going to continue as it as been for a very long time without any concise direction or safety plan, unfortunately.

This is not a criticism it is the reality of the sport we are passionate about unfortunately. Talking here accomplishes nothing, this sport is marginal at best currently and nothing on the horizon will change this unfortunately.

Thank God for the commitment of the die hard passionate racers that are doing it currently they deserve all our admiration considering only passion keeps them there, and we have at least that to enjoy. Thanks guys.
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Originally Posted by catastrophe View Post

There is unity in Europe and they have had recent tragedies.
You 're right.

We lost a dear competitor to all, Ian Stirling 2010 at the 3C Europeans. So there has been tragedies The year before there was at least one flip no fatal injuries at the EC's. Uptil 2010 open boats was allowed in all lower classes.

Regarding safety Offshore Racing is lagging globally.
Look at Class1 ... no Tiger Masks for example but the plain jane scuba regulators in canopy boats just like the U.I.M. outboards use...even open helmets allowed which IMO is a death trap.

Hans-Aid and full face helmets would be the minimum in all classes IMO. Closed canopies add Tiger Masks for 2012.

Regarding Unity in Europe etc.. well.. lets not go into's not as united anymore.

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Rich you and I have had HOURS of this conversation. Set up safety forums offered our help. So far only Randy Scism, John Cosker and our Team seem interested in setting the next standard. Thanks Rich
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Originally Posted by MissGeicoRacing View Post
Rich you and I have had HOURS of this conversation. Set up safety forums offered our help. So far only Randy Scism, John Cosker and our Team seem interested in setting the next standard. Thanks Rich
For those of you who think that Rich Luhrs and Marc Granet agree on nothing, see above.

Got to disagree with you on one thing, GLH my friend: I don't believe conversations like this "accomplish nothing." In fact, I think they bring people together and force them to think. At the very least, they bring out information about which people can make their own decisions. At best, they affect positive change.
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I don't know if I missed it in any of the posts.......... but the race was stopped.
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I'll say this and you can delete it. Been brewing since I read of the first accident and thinking it forever.
The racers need to make a decision and then "inform" the sanctioning bodies that you run with what you will and will not do.
Do you guys race Offshore or Inshore?
Not to be a smart ass (and why my post will get vaporized) but really........
Over the last 30 yrs you have been moved inshore where the speeds have come up from the 80's/90's of the ocean racing boats to 130's and up on the inshore/protected courses.
What I see is that the "Offshore" fraternity has catered to the modern version of "Offshore" but went to Key West and found Offshore conditions in boats and speeds never designed for them.
Inshore races sells boats, fill poker runs etc.

IMO, you need to decide which you want cause this weekend is proof you can't have both. If you want to continue on as is, you need to totally re-think your course locations so you have more control of over conditions. As fast as you guys are in the condition's you found in K.W. it's just a matter of time. You want to go fast? Close/protect the courses. Period.

Signed, a fan from day one.

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The higher speeds being generated by the new boats and equipment are definitly a big factor in the probability of more serious crashes in todays offshore/inshore boats. It is also obvious that a stronger unified approach to safety construction, equipment and training by the sanctioning body should help lessen the quantities of these injury and death result crashes. This will also only happen when a strong empowered unified sanctioning body spends more time reviewing race course conditions and has enough power and control to call or postpone a race when conditions just become too dangerous for the racers, even when the emotions and adrenaline of the racers is too high for their own good! It's a very unpopular thing to do when a body must postpone or call a race because of these "Too Dangerous" conditions. Lets face it there is a thrill for spectators to seeing big boats going fast and getting a lot of air, but there is no thrill watching racers seriously injured or dying from the serious crashes that can result!
I hope this remains primarily a "Skill Sport" not just a "Thrill Sport" !

Best Regards,
Ray @ Raylar
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Great article Matt. Well said.
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Short of foaming the guys in up to their eyes, offshore racing is about as safe as amateur cropdusting. If you would appreciate that the frickin' poker run has boats that will outrun ALL of the raceboats, save one, you can appreciate the potential for fatalities. Years ago, I was in Ron Jones' unlimited shop, when he was at the top of his game. As we sat in the waiting room, I looked around the room and saw pictures of all my heroes, Muncey, Manchester, Wilson and so on. They had one thing in common: THEY WERE ALL KILLED IN AN UNLIMITED HYDROPLANE! The unlimited guys have taken the tiger by the tail, and fixed their problem. We are blessed to have one of their best in our midst, Steve David. Start a safety committee with Steve and Rich Luhrs, Bill Seebold, Chris Hodges, etc., and get something going. It ain't gonna fix itself.........
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I remember when Chris Hodges had so much trust in his Safety pod/Canopy design that he rode in one that was dropped from a Helicopter at the Miami Marine stadium. (he was fine BTW)

I think instead of saving weight, we should be saving Lives.

Roll bars will help some but I think the major problem is the small access hatches not holding up and being the initial weak spot allowing enough water intrusion that it rips the hatch off then blows the canopy apart from the inside. A hefty pod type enclosure is what is needed, let the boat soak up the impact and keep the pod safe.
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