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I'm not sure where the Formula is stronger came from, but that is not true. Fountain is stronger and handles better, but the Formula is always more luxurious and has the nicer cabin. I've done a lot of hull repairs to Formulas and I think the hull is their weakest link. Still better than 90 percent of the boats out there. They're really 2 different boats though.
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I would go 35 Playboy Cigarette first Its a true 35 since it has no swim platform, then the Fountain because I like my 27 and for all the crap beeks get on the boards I get tons and tons of comments on my beak when its on the river or at the marinas, then the Formula, I know it's classier and more family friendly and 5 years ago I would have taken the Formula second and the Fountain 3rd.

Drive them all and buy what you like and fits your needs best
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[QUOTE]Originally posted by bowtie:
[QB] I've done a lot of hull repairs to Formulas and I think the hull is their weakest link.

WOW theres a new one.
Take a good look at the Foutain, can you say... dated looking? Its odd looking, built for a man 5' nothing and his 6' girlfriend who knows little. Fountain owners buy them cause they are fast and can afford a hotel room as their cabin.
Stand up in a Poker Run in the fountain. I like my waist atleast below the top of the bolster. Who fits in those things on the Fountain anyways???
35 fountain = 3 foot beak, 3 foot platform = 29 feet!
Formula has all the right things, and better graphics. Have you ever seen standard graphics on them fountains. what are they thinking???
Hey, there is beauty in every boat, I would be proud to own either. Sit in both, you'll know right away which is for you.
Oh Yeah the Formula is better in rougher water.
what do I know, I took a ride on a friends Baja tonight!
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35 fountain in the calmer water
35 formula in the rough

ummmm a formula has that swim deck to so its really only a 32 hummmmmm.

Save 50,000$ by a 36 outlaw and take some real rough water at about 80 in 3-4footers(powerboat did it)

and its a true 36 as big as a 38 formula or fountain
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A Beakboat on the Secret Formula...

Take the Beakboat any day - it's a better long term investment. I came about . this close to buying a 97 35 Beaker with twin Procharged 502's. True 97 MPH boat. 190 hrs. $100k. Hated to turn it down...broke my heart but it would have a pin in the butt to trailer.

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I think most folks would agree that both boats are very well built. If you're into speed, then the Fountain is for you. If you're into large cabin space, then the Formula is what you'll like.
However, You should look closely at how each company takes care of you after the sale. I'm not talking about the dealer, but the manufacturer.
I bought a 1999 fountain from a dealer with NO warranty. I have had several small thing go wrong, so I called Fountain. I spoke with their customer rep named BK. He has sent everything I have ever asked for totally free of charge. I haven't even had to pay shipping. I asked BK why they were so go about taking care of people who purchased used Fountains and his answer surprised me. He said, "We know we are in a nitch market and the only way to stay in business is to take care of anyone who purchases our boats. 100% period."
I like that kind of suport. Formula may be as good too, but I would find out from them before making any decisions. For will be a Fountain. Good luck.

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Go with the boat that suits YOU best,I would go with the Fountain,to me its like the FERRARI of the water,the Formula is more like Lexus.Do you want performance or HIGH PERFORMANCE?

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I have a friend who purchaced a 29' Fountain had to drill a hole for the sink cabnet to correct a plumming problem (Lime fom margaritas down the grain). Much to my suprise the sink cabnet was 7/8" ply plus fiber glass coated on both sides!!. This boat is quality from the get go plus speed. My next boat will be a Fountain. Sign me up for the Black Shirt and gold chains!!!! It may be short but "Fast things come in small packages"!!!!
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Try to demo both boats on the similiar type of water you will be boating on. Rough water blasts and mid RPM cruising are completely different in both hulls.

Despite the adrennaline rush of riding wide open in rough water, the reality is most boating is done in a cruising range of 3400 to 4000 rpm.

The padded & stepped hull of the fountain can be a little harsher on re-entry if not flown level and / or with enough throttle.

We all should have such a difficult decision - do i want the blond or the brunette - Good Luck!
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I looked at both brands and voted with my checkbook - Formula (but it's a 38). I liked the "feel" of the boat better, both underway and at rest.

Free advice - Worth exactly what you pay for it!
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