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the 34 sutphen beak, no bull, performance boating's true classic hot rod,period. SUTPHEN-rare,fast,strong.
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I stopped by the Fountain Factory in April, on the way down to Daytona, they took me for a Factory tour on 5 minutes notice!
I can only speak for them (Have never been to the Formula factory), But Fountain is a Class act!!
Tour both factories and see how they build their boats before you buy!
If i ever go back to a V-Bottom ,Fountain will be first on my list!!
Good luck
Its nice to be you,Having to choose beteewn two great Boats!!
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Went from a 252LS Formula to a 27 Fountain Fever to a 312 Fastech. In my hunble opinion, Formula fit and finish interior and cabin is better. As to hull construction, I'd vote a draw. Formula ride, for the size, is second to none. If you plan on staying on the boat and enjoy the best ride at the speeds you normally operate the boat, go for the Formula. If you want to give up some cabin room and comfort in exchange for 3 to 5 mph top end, go for the Fountain. If price is no object and you want to be fastest 35 out there, go for a cat. Great deep V, great ride, quality, hard to beat a Formula.
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OK, I can't take it any longer, so I guess I'll chime in. I have considered both time and time again. This is what I've learned. Fountain will equip your boat with basically any motor HP configuration and warranty the hull for a year. Formula will not, they limit their HP option far from what the Fountain can be equiped with, but they'll give you 5 yrs on that limited HP. Makes you wonder. Also, someone said whats 5 MPH, are you kidding, thats a **** load when your running someone. The beak, either you love it or hate it. Obvious you must not hate it or you wouldn't consider owning one. That beak thing really sounds like a broken record and anyone who has been around knows that it is commonly expressed by those who either want to sell you their product or are making some sort of statement of self approval for choosing their boat. That 35 Fountain will most likely walk on the Formula 353, and just to show the anti-beak crowd, it will walk on the 312 also. Now they can do the math. As far as cabins go, Who really uses them except to stow coolers, chips, and extra clothes.

I'll always look at both products, along with a host of others on my next boat, but if it were me, go for the speed...
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Enjoy the show
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Formula all the way. I don't think I could use my left hand to throttle.
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Not to start anything but 75 in a procharged boat. I radar 74 in my stock 27 Fountain 500 efi,with 1/2 gas. I run WOT all the time and love it You are right it all depends what you want, However for speed Fountain all the way.

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Pick up the latest issue of Boating. They have a comparison between various manufacutrers in the size range you're looking at. Their opinion was that if you could afford it, go for the Formula. They had comments/complaints about the bolsters in the Fountain.
My next boat will definately be a Formula.
I have one now and the wife is already looking at new ones.

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For me, it would have to be Fountain. I love my 29 Fever and see that very 35 as "the next boat" someday (as long as it has the old deck). I do think the Formula probably rides better in the rough and has somewhat better amenities, but the Fountain's ride is adequate for the conditions I see and my little cabin works just fine for a weekend. Left-hand throttles don't take too long to get used to. Best advice - check both out, get test drives and then see which you like better.
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Originally posted by Spent:
As far as cabins go, Who really uses them except to stow coolers, chips, and extra clothes.
I thought the only thing the cabin is good for is... Oops, almost forgot this is a family site!
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Stabbin' Cabin? Did someone kill somebody?

Ultimate relief is spelled C-A-T!
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