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Is powerboating worth it?


Old 06-17-2002, 07:25 AM
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I'm with Too Old! I am a auto technician by trade and I still enjoy working on my boat. It is a labor of love for me. The time we spend on the water, how ever short it can be is well worth it. Once I pass the no wake zone all my stress goes out the hatch, even if this is just a day trip to our favorite spot. Swimmin', kickin' back with Mrs. R', having a couple "Special Cokes", hangin' with my friends and of course checking out the scenery........hint, hint. Boats that is! It is all worth it to me......and did I mention the Mrs. pays the boat payment!! It's all Good!
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Old 06-17-2002, 07:26 AM
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There may be something said for sittin on the porch all afternoon back in the old days (before mytime) . It is a function of our society today that we do not have/create enough free time for ourselves. Running your company to meet your dream is probably as much of the issues as this CRAPPY DANG weather we have had this summer so far. I always say to my buddies. PICK YOUR HOBBY. there is only so may daylight hours . We just try to make time for the boat. every Sunday afternoon, usually with the inlaws. and then my monthly fun runs with the guys at work. how about join us on the next one in July. week night week breaker- upper. that's what you need to get away from all those responsibilities.

One other thing I learned about............. ok two things......

One - west mich weather changes way too fast to say..... aaah lets just go tomorrow... if it is nice today and you think about boating.... GO BOATING!!! you will smile when it rains tomorrow


we boated through my wifes pregnancy, ( i did have to slow down a little, ) and when our first was born. He was on the boat at 6 weeks. and loves it now. he's four and knows its a formula with twin big blocks!!!!!! so by no means don't let the family plans make you think you won't go boating.

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Old 06-17-2002, 07:38 AM
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We haven't been able to get out at all this year either but I don't think I'm ready to throw in the towel. I've wondered about getting out as well but quite frankly I love just having a boat to use when I want. We had a lousy year for snowmobiling this year as well but there is no way I'm giving up those machines. Bottom line is that at times it's frustrating with the limited amount of time we have to enjoy the hobby but when we are out there I can't imagine much better.
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Old 06-17-2002, 07:53 AM
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I've had my share of bad boat years (it's been dead two of the last four summers) but just a short hop with my daughter yesterday confirms that it IS worth it. Actually, keeping the boat running is cheap compared to the docking expense ... a waterfront house, put in new dock and lift(s), 100 tons of rip rap, new stone 110 foot retaing wall ... could have paid for about a century of slip fees by now.

Still, sitting on the deck watching over the water, take a look at the boat setting there (even when it's "not" running) ... life just doesn't get any better.


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Old 06-17-2002, 08:07 AM
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It's worth it. I didn't like my last job very much - came home stressed every night. But, come Saturday and I turned that key, everything stayed on the dock. It's a great way to relax and forget about what's bad in life on land.
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Hey man I have asked myself the same q everyday since I bought the boat last august. Only got to use it twice last fall and none yet this year. But all I have to do is think about the rush I get when I get to the end of the channel and slam the throttles down listening to the engines scream as I come up on plane. Also every time someon compliments me on how cool the boat looks just sittin on the trailer. I know its hard to justify all the time and money invested just for an adrenaline rush or a compliment, but for me its worth it.

You will just have to decide for youtself
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Old 06-17-2002, 08:27 AM
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My parents were boaters before I was born.
I grew up around boats and had several up until I got married. We always had friends that took us out with them so I didn't reall miss it.
Then we moved to Florida.
The first eight years we didn't know anybody with one then my wife's boss invited us out on theirs. Man I was hooked all over again. Then one of her co-workers bought one and a jet-ski and asked us to go out.
I was dying to get back out on the water. It was like an addiction, I had to be on the water!

Three years ago we bought two Jet-ski's and had lots of fun. Our doctor noted that my blood pressure dropped during that summer. Then we decided to get a boat. We did so the following summer. It's the best thing we've done.
Sure it's work, a labor of love as some have said, but it's worth every minute. I knew it was expensive before I took the plunge.
When we take friends out for a day they always tell us it's the best time they've had in a long while and it's so relaxing.
I love hearing them say that.
Our grandson loves going out. He's always asking "when are we going out on the boat?".
I have had experiences when I was growing up that can't be had on shore. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Is all the work worth it? You bet!
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Old 06-17-2002, 08:31 AM
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I can't seem to relax if I am at home. There are a million things I can or need to be doing. When I am boating I am not worried about anything else. If we plan on just hanging around the house, it turns into my wife and I doing chores, the kids just watching TV or being bored. If we go out somewhere, I think I spend more money than if I went boating.

Boating is great family bonding time. My kids will remember the fun times forever.
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Old 06-17-2002, 08:37 AM
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I miss it I know it was a lot of work, expensive, and time consuming and you have no control over the weather or seas.

Yet when I had my boat it was one thing that always brought a smile even it I had just cooked the drive or had an electrical gremlin. It was my toy and my hobby I don't golf, play softball or anything else. I sold the boat 3 yeears ago, now have two daughters 5 and 3 and my wife know I will be getting another one in a few years. (I still have the money form the boat I sold).

Yeah I would love a big twin engine 38' but, to make it work and keep everyone happy I will settle for a 25-28' .

So in the end is it worth? Just close your eyes and listen for the big Block. Then ask yourself that question again.
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Can you hear it the water calling?
The fog horn's beckining moan, ship bells ringing in the mist lay at anchor. Some doves begin there cooing. Its early my parents and grandparents are not awake yet. I roll over in the narrow bunk next to the small auxulary engine of my grandfathers sail boat. Cralling out I slip on my cloths and head up the ladder to the cockpit the smell of hemp and damp misty bilge air. I am on the High Tide a 26' gaff rig sail boat my grand father had built. It is in its slip in the Vermilion Beach Yacht Club. I slip over the side into the Low Tide it's dingy tied to side, with my fishing gear, I am 6 years old. Sliding the oars into the water i am heading out to fish around the boats and docks in the marina before breakfast.
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Quick Reply: Is powerboating worth it?

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