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"Water Rage" - Society goes downhill...

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Ok ...well I'm pushing the analogys to the extreme...The point is that some people are protected and are above the law....troutlys remark about vigilante justice makes it sound as if the police get all the bad guys and that if you do get away with a crime then you won fair and square...and Duty of retreat is stupid...If I am looking for trouble then I can find it and get away with it...The 70 year old man is a perfect example...I could be him and go out driving like a idiot and wating for some punk to start with me ...then BAM shoot him and get away with it...what the hell is the got a 357 in his car for...?...was he looking for trouble...?...Probably...did he get away with it...YES....If I leave my door open to my house on purpose at night waiting for someone to come in and get me ...and instead I let my dogs maul him , Do they have duty of retreat...?...I would let them go until the guy was dead and in pieces...just for fun...are you gonna come get me and charge me....?...NOWAY...Thats right..I went looking for trouble and found it...I killed two people and got away with it...(just in theory)...So Troutly , You said "You CANNOT go looking for trouble...well I beg to differ...maybe you don't meet people that think like me very often , but we are out there...I am the guy that buys a jewelry store in the bad part of the city just so I can wait behind the counter with a gun and wait for a robber to shoot.....And get away with it... ...In these situations I am untouchable , And FREE to go looking for more trouble...Do I desreve vigilante justice...YES...Will I get it....NO...because I am the one the hands out the vigilante justice , and not the chump turning the other way when some jagoff flips off my wife while driving...
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Did you stop taking your meds again?
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Ya ...sorry craig... ...You guys know I'm crazy , so can you just agree with me so I don't have to post again...
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You know, I started to write a reply to some of the "things" being said here, but I think I'll just sit back and watch the fun for just a little bit longer.
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i would just like to thank supercrash for showing us the other side of the story. he does just enuff ranting to make me step back and look at the whole picture. i assure you someone would take a beating like the one described if they had assaulted my wife earlier in the day (just an example), now does anybody know the whole story or just the parts the media tells us?????
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Enticer - Yep, that's where I spend most of my time these days. I'll have to check up on the local maritime regs regarding firearms onboard. The better half has stainless Lady Smith .38 semi and a PA (where we live) carry permit, but the boat is registered in NJ, and those are MD waters. Could get messy....

Troutly - Informative and sensible input. Thanks.

SC - Well, well, well. The world just revolves around you and your precious little opinions, doesn't it? It may be your right to voice those opinions, but it's also my right to ignore them as the drivel they are. Besides, you should post them where they belong - in the "Non-Boating Related" forum. Get real and get a life or you'll die early, alone, and unnoticed.

Craig223 - Nice shot!

BajaBob38 - Right you are. I'll let you boat with me again now.

I'm just sickened to see that the overall decline of courtesy and civility is spreading to our last refuge. As a group (boaters, not just performance boaters) we should all make it our mission to improve the situation on the waters, and not act like these to mental midgets. We started the Poker Run Ten Commandments in the interest of safety last year, but there is always the Original Ten Commandments to consider - they're pretty good. As far as the "Justice Mongers" go, just remember, two wrongs do not make a right.
Retired! Boating full-time now.
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Gotta remember, to SC, the 10 commandments mean nothing. He is his own higher power. I understand what you are saying Supercrash and understand why you think that way. I'm just glad there aren't a whole lot of your types around or this world would be a really nasty place to live in.
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We need more people like you in South Floriduh just remember to carry your weapon you will need it (just in case the little midle aged hindu lady turns out to be a 30 something 250 pound gorilla)!

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