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Originally Posted by 4bus View Post
I just got word that Mr T read your post and decided to scrap the whole project due to resale value.

Your comparison doesn't make a lot of sense, and is not relative. We all reasearch used boats, and your right, if is sunk or got smashed we run. But that is because 1. there are more to choose from and 2. we do not know if the repair was done properly. Repairs have been made to many boats and most would not have a clue. Look how many transom and stringer replacement threads are on this site alone, all of them look better after than when they began.

Guess they should just get on boat trader and look for another 50 ft turbine mystic to buy???
WOW, not sure where all of this resale, value etc is coming from, lots of sensitivity around here. :-)

Funny, that "I am not making sense"...I feel like I am in the Twilight Zone.....All I said is that I would prefer a non-repaired hull over a repaired hull, because I will always know it was damaged and repaired and it would "bug" me, my opinion, my "mental issues"..:-)

Haven't yet said I wouldn't buy one, or that they weren't as safe or as strong, or even anything about the value.

BUT, the funny thing is and speaking of resale valve (for the first time)....when ever ANY boat that has been wrecked, sunk, put up for sale, or mentioned for sale here on can bet it will be brought up by many as a "negative", or at a minimum as a disclosure of the boats History.

You can also bet when ever, or if ever this boat is up for sale, the History of 2 back to back public "incidents" and the damage and resulting repairs WILL devalue the price vs if these things did not ever happen, If you truly believe otherwise, that is your opinion.

FWIW, I honestly don't know of, or care about any "Mr. T", other than the one on the "A Team" and could care less what he or anyone else does or doesn't do with their's their business....unless of course it is flying through the air out of control towards me or my family....then we will get to know one another very well...LOL


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