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Is This True????????????

Old 07-12-2002, 03:33 PM
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That fountain is for sale At LOTO it belongs to board member bumpnuglies.
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Old 07-12-2002, 03:33 PM
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Jay, isn't that bumpnuglies boat? I thought he was selling it - if so, there ya go, problem solved!
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Old 07-12-2002, 03:38 PM
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My wife LOVES this boat
I think it gets her wet or something
Problem is plain and simple
they want like 55 grand for it
Guess what I dont have
54 grand LOL
I spent it all on the twin 500's in the baja
and all the other bs that I had to do
in the one transom assembly ect
Im probably about 35000 into the baja now between
buying it and redoing the whole thing.
That boat as awesome as it is, is a touch out of my price
range and it pisses me off cause that is one of the only
fountains that ever got me to have my mouth hanging open
and got me speechless.
I had called the origional owner and I was about 2-3 days late
Wife said to me when I showed it to her on
if it is for sale, your going to go get it, I love that thing.
so I called, SOLD!
Im like DAMN
so I bought the baja instead
That is the story
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Old 07-12-2002, 07:18 PM
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Well, all I can say is; worlds fastest or not----you have to admit for the power and weight that 37' Active Thunder AVH of Dan's is one impressively FAST puddle jumper!
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Old 07-16-2002, 08:34 AM
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i didn't change my tune....just look'n at the facts....and the ad in question is really not based on facts...
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Old 07-16-2002, 09:32 AM
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What AT is trying to get at, is, ( and I'm not defending them, cause I could give a rats ass, I bought their boat on overall quality, performance, and speed, price was not a factor) if you compare other awesome boats of close to the same size, 38 Hustler, 38 Fountain, 38 Cigerette top gun,-(just sold mine) and so on.... with the same 500 efi's the AT is @88mph, radar, GPS. slightly faster than the others, and with a full cabin. Dan's boat is 102mph all day long, and still has 200 rpms to go, mine will be out shortly, HOPEFULLY, with the exact same power but with Imco Extreme SC, we will see if this fairs out any better. Also if you read their ads where do you see Its not just about"OFFSHORE ONLY" it doesn't say Offshore only . com, or use the """"" in their ads, its what ever you makes of it, it also states its about creature comforts too, and displays their new Millinium cabins. So if you have a bug up your ass and are pissed off that day and like to start ****, so be it. Everyone is to some degree brand loyal, buy what you want, enjoy it, have some fun and think that you are in the fastest Vbottom in the world, then everyone wins, bottom line, lets go boating
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Originally posted by Jayl13
Im probably about 35000 into the baja now between
buying it and redoing the whole thing.
Didn't we all tell this was going to happen a LOOOONG time ago????? But haven't you had a lot of fun getting there.
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