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Total BS

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Originally posted by sharkeymarine
And just yesterday I heard on the news how approx. 600 people want to get reimbursed for additional costs and time that arose in their commute to NYC after the 9/11 attacks. This really sad...
Then they should file suit against the people who were REALLY responsible: Bin Laden and Al Queda. If they can collect - God (or somebody) bless 'em. Crybabies.
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Any idiot with a few bucks in their pocket and a typewriter can file a lawsuit. They are also free to make a demand for any amount of money they deem appropriate. Just because they sue does not mean they will win anything. You can bet that the County has some sovereign immunity which will cause this case to be dismissed in short order.
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Default Re: Total BS

Originally posted by Steve 1
........ said attorney Jonathan Cole...........--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Here is the crook
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One of my favorite song verses from a Don Henley song about our
sue-happy society, heís referring to William Shakespeare; ďOlí Billie was right, letís kill all the lawyers, letís kill them tonight.Ē
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I don't care who agrees or not. When I am out and going to run over 100, my Lifeline and helmet are on (and my passenger). It's just an old habit from racing. Beside that I am older and more brittle!
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I agree 100% BULL****!!!!!!!!, it hurts ALL of us, Jeffery, can we not get a petition goingthat we vote on then post the results and send them to the courts, that should put a monkey wrench into their stupid lawsuit. I agree, people have to take responsibility for their actions, Lets use the power of OSO!!!!! Doug
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They ain't got a leg to stand on.
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First, there is no doubt in my mind that a lawyer talked them into that suit. I still think he will get zilch, and if LA pays, shame on them.

Second there are two legal doctrines that should make you guys feel better. "Assumption of the risk" means that the victim assumed the risk of his actions, and therefore no one can recover for what happened to him. Also, most states (if not all) have "comparative fault". This means that even if the county was a little lax in enforcement, you must compare the fault of the county to the fault of the victim. The amount of fault assessed to the victim lowers the recovery. (Different states have different formulas on when and how the recovery is affected.)

As for lawyers, there are good ones and bad ones, just like boat mechanics, stockbrokers, accountants, and doctors. (I have defended a few of THOSE.) Even the good ones take on unpopular cases. It reminds me of the saying about the bikers that do the charity runs -- "the good never remembered, the bad never forgotten." The bastard that filed this crap is gonna be remembered a LONG time.
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we shouldnt just sit hereon our hands, obviously this incedent is going to call attention to high performance boating, WE DONT NEED ANY ATTENTION!!!!! Sure, it is a bogus suit and they may not get anything, but then again they might.we shold hope they throw it out. We need to do anything we can to discredit this, we dont need the powers that be "looking into" our sportbecause you will start to hear them say things like "BOATS ARE GOING 140 MILES PER HOUR ON OUR LAKES???!!!! WITH PEOPLE ON THEM???!!!!OH MY GOD!!!!WE NEED SOME ENFORCEMENT OUT THERE!!!!!!!AND CHRIST WE DONT NEED ANYMORE GODDAMN 10 MILLION DOLLAR LAWSUITS ON OUR HANDS!!!!!!" I willtry to post a poll but I certainly wouldnt know whereto send the results.........DOUG
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I'm with twinn29, lets star a petition or something and let the courts here from the boaters and let them know we don't support this lawsuit.
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