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I agree with Todd. I have had Harley's literally make me jump when I didn't see them and they started next to me when I was driving. I always turn my silent choice on in no wake canals, rivers, campgrounds, etc. But if people have a problem with my loud boat when I am cruising that's too bad. What do you expect when you go to the lake?

I was stopped by the water patrol two years ago with their brand new decibel meter. I passed. The cop was actually pretty cool. Right after we got done a jet boat opened her up about a 1/4 mile away. That thing was SOOOOOOOO LOUD. I was like hey, you better go get him, he's way louder than I am.
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Todd.....Thanks for going and replying. I'm hoping a lot of the members go there and voice a little bit. I was thinking about the Harley topic too.

MACDAD260...You are correct in everything you've said. I was hoping some of the people that own "Cigarette" style boats would give some opinions like this on the site to put it in perspective. Did you see the link I put on my post? LOL

US Fountain.....Yes, Harry's still there. Seems to be more worried about politics then boating IMO.

OkieTunnel.....I can tell you how to get there on Outlook Express. Go to your email account. Then go to tools, then to newsgroups. Type in the title just like I spelled it. Then click on subscribe, then ok it. On the left side of your Outlook Express screen you will now have it as an option along with your inbox, outbox, and deleted items and so on. Click on it and read the topics.

Hoping to see more of the members post there. PLEASE!!!

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Buck, I tried what you said in my outlook express and it came up as "there are no items which match your filter criteria"?

Any suggestions?

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They sound like a bunch of toolboxes, riding on pontoons
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I started a thread about the image of performance boaters on last year, and this was by far the most common complaint. Although most people admitted they liked the sound most of the time, it can be pretty offensive if you're anchored up in a "quiet" cove or enjoying a tall cool one at the end of the day. I agree - If you have Captains Call - use it.

I wouldn't advocate going to and flaming the guy - just let him know that you (we) do what we can to be responsible boaters by making sure we meet each state's particular requirements. If you don't know what your state law is, go to - they have them all listed:
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"Loud Pipes saves lives" or so they say. I had a cop get his night stick stuck in my drag pipes on my Harley in Daytona during bike week. He didn't beleive I had baffles in the pipes so in goes the night stick and the baffle was like a chinese handcuff and he couldn't get it out. Now I am getting really pissed and he calls for backup. They show up saw what was going on and couldn't stop laughing. Idiot got it out and looked like a dog was chewing on it The air boats around here make more noise than the boats. And I don't think they want to mess with the "good ole boys" but I guess enough city folks will be moving out this way soon. I don't know about you but I think the sound of lake lice buzzing around is worse. I would rather listen to a Opened header big blocks than a Honda at a red light with a stereo so loud that it shakes my truck next to it. I think it has more to do with who they can extort (they call it revenue) money from. You can't get blood out of a rock.
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must be a sailboaters website............nothing against sailboaters......but around here we call them wafi's.......wind assisted f*&^%$ idiots !!!!!
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We are already being infringed upon engough as it is. I agree with "Blackhawk"; when a person goes to a lake or a beach or the ocean, what does he/she really expect? There's probably going to be a little noise going on there. There's plenty of jet ski's and sea doos that are loud as well. They may sound different, but they're still loud and many times they are much closer to the people on the beaches within closer earshot of the people. Maybe I ought to complain about the people who are always complaining about the sound. I'm not out to try and disturb anyone's peace, but the water ways seem to be our last and only frontier these days. It's NOT a perfect world and if these people want total peace and quiet perhaps they should go live out in a desert mountain top or something.
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was this guy a "blowboater" ? was he eating his shreaded wheat on the deck when you came by ? is he part of the rainbow coalition ??? give me a break !
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I just removed all my silent choice stuff from my boat
It is not mandatory and I would not have used it anyway.
Anyone want it?
twin application, air pump, diverters, wishbone pipes, couplers, everything you need minus a switch and some air lines (have all fittings but some air lines need replacing)
real cheap
I wanted my boat LOUD as possible and no it is not because of the above mentioned statement.
I wanted it loud cause I personally Like it loud.
It grabs attention. It gets people to be like WTF?
When you dock at a waterfront restruant, a loud boat stops everything and tons of people go look and they are all wishing that was them on the boat pulling in.
Well now it is MY turn
I want to be the guy on the loud boat pulling in and now with my dry exhaust I have accomplished that.
if I get some sort of ticket for being loud, I pay it and toss it over board
Come and get me again and again I dont care
Im not going to change my exhaust unless I get headers
Bite me
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