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OT: Big Problems With NEXTEL!! (long&ridiculous)

Old 08-14-2002, 06:37 PM
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Default OT: Big Problems With NEXTEL!! (long&ridiculous)

I usually stray from this approach, but NEXTEL Communications has me absolutely furious, so people are going to hear about it, becasue quite frankly they don't care if I live, die or have mushrooms grow outta my crack. I have little recourse but to advise against their service.

Brief rundown: After recieving a $1000.00+ Cell bill in March, a few phone calls straightened out the fact that NEXTEL forgot to switch my cell plan after I switched to a new setup. No big deal, after a few calls all was well and my account was credited. 2 mos later, pay a cell bill over the phone with credit card, recieve confirmation number, they call back and confirm payment for second time. For whatever reason, payment was only partial. Okay, again no biggie, it happens. However, at this point I am considering NEXTEL has a less than acceptable operation. NOW CHECK THIS OUT!!!!

I notice that on my 15+ page bill a few months ago that I was being charged for a phone that I used for a business I sold over 2 years ago. I go back a few bills and find this has been going on for atleast a few months. I call NEXTEL on 7/24/02 and express my concern, having just discovered this. I dispute payment and wait for "someone from finaces will get back to you in a few days sir.....". No correspondance from NEXTEL until they shut my phone off yesterday, approx three weeks later.

So......surprise, they malfunctioned again. Discouraged, but still not upset I call NEXTEL and AM ON THE PHONE FOR 1 HOUR AND 39 FREAKIN'MINUTES!!!!!!! Now I'm super pissed, but not only for the time I wasted on the phone (disconnected twice by the way, and I told them I was going to bill them at my hourly billable rate....HeHeHe), but for the information they gave me.

According to NEXTEL records, it seems I canceled this particular cell phone service in Sept 2000. Appears accurate, seeing as the business was sold on/about that time. However......NEXTEL claims that service was re-established in Aug. 2001???????? Ofcourse, there is no documentation or record of authorization of this. Additionally, I don't even know where the phone is, and certainly have not used it, or proabably seen it, since I cancelled the service in Sept 2000. There have been no minutes logged on this phone according to their records (no ****). So after 1hr39min. of dealing with $8/hr receptionists who acted like arrogant asses(even though I requested to speak to the highest ranking authority employed.....yeah right, nice try Allan) I am told that no refund will be issued, other than the three months they have refunded already (so why refund only 3 months then if this is all my fault, because you value me as a customer....HAHAHAHA....that's a good one). So that leaves about 10 months, or $400.00 in question. The arrogance of NEXTEL, although I have been a multiple phone customer for three years and am a share holder (or was), would have me beleive that I am fully at fault for not thoroughly reviewing my 15-20 page bill each month. Granted, would have been a good idea, but I am extremely busy, never home or in town and only skim the itemized minutes on the bill to be sure I am not overcharged.

All this despite the fact THAT AFTER I CANCELLED I NEVER RE-ESTABLISHED SERVICE, USED MINUTES, OR COST THEM 1 DIME!!!! Why would I re-open a cell plan for a phone I threw out that belonged to a business I sold 2 damn years ago, only to not use it for the last 24 months and counting???? NO DOCUMENTATION!!!! This is a crime. Lunacy. I will file suit before I pay 1 cent of this outstanding hoax or scheme of a balance.

Any advice is appreciated and sorry about the length, but crap like this needs to be heard about. INSANE!!!!!!!!!!
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Sounds very similar to the situation that i have with TELUS -- which is the canadian equivalent of nextel---same network. Just a total bunch of @ssholes And i'm not paying them either!
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Never had a problem with Nextel billing. The service was real spotty at first but they have built many more towers. We were part of a test program before they launched the service around here.

Just had a major problem with Suncom (AT&T). I got the phone for my wife and she used it mainly for emergencies which was never. It would stay uncharged in her car for months on end. One day she went to use it and it said she was cut off. Needless to say I got a royal *****ing from her. I looked at all the bills and as far as I could tell I was current. Found an old payment envelope and paid an additional 30 buck bill. Didnt think about it until a couple of months later when she said the phone was still not working. Got a bill the day before and had a credit balance. Called the customer service line and they said the phone was active. It was not and to prove it I asked her to call it. She said she couldnt. Got transfered and then dropped. Called back and got a rude rep. We had words and I let her have it. Tried to explain my problem to 3 more people there and no one could help me. So basically I was paying $30 a month for a phone with no service and no one could help me. After getting frustrated I just told them to cut the phone off. To my surprise the idiot that couldnt fix my problem couldnt cancel my service either. This was the straw that broke the camels back. I hung up and drove to the store where I got the phone, burst in, demanded to talk to the manager, then told him to cut the phone off. He told me I would have to call the customer service line. I breifly explained the situation to him and informed him that if he didnt call for me to cut it off I was going to start to break things. He then understood. I handed him the phone he made the call and waited on hold and was transferred and dropped a few times. It took him about 20 minutes to complete the cut off. At the end I could tell he was talking to the save lady. He looked at me breifly and then told her no way we are going to save the account. He handed the phone back to me and right there I said lets try it now. What do you know it finally worked after it was cut off. He tried it and just laughed. So I took the phone from him threw it on the ground and smashed it into several pieces and left. They were supposed to send me a check for the credit balance but I never recieved it. Par for the course.

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Yeah, I'm not too thrilled about Nextel either. I have been trying for the last three years to spell my name correctly on the bill that I get every month. I have made notes, have drawn lines throught the little bar-code thingy so that it would get there attention and even made phone calls and it still isn't right. Also, a change in my address has been unsuccessful. I'm quite ticked off about it. Also, I have upgraded to Nextel's best program for about (can't quite remember which) $139 or $149 per month. I just got my bill and it was about $240! I should have stayed with the old program when I first began----I was better off than with this new one that was SUPPOSED to save me more money! Anyway, my secretary/accountant is looking it over for me because I get so frustrated with it!

Things is for some of you guys who say you're not going to pay your bill (and I DON"T blame you)--------you KNOW they are going to shut your phone service OFF then don't you? It's not that easy for me because I run my business off of my cell phone. These people REALLY grind me good!!!
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I wanna be sure everyone gets a look at this, back to the top......
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Thumbs down Nextel sucks!

I dealt with Nextel with multiple phones. The service overall just sucked & not as cost effective as they like to make there service sound. There again these cell phones are a necessary evil unfortunately.
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