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Guess how fast this boat has gone

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Cool As the owner


I really enjoyed reading all of the postings up here..............

As the owner of this boat, I'm pretty happy with the performance. I was a little leary of what the small blocks would do in that boat since I never saw any done like that, but I figured what the heck, it'll be something to talk about ! You should see the looks I get when I open the hatch cause noone believes me - lol

Anyways, there were a lot of comments listed, so let me give you some of the specs:

94 scarab thunder - loaded, every option, and nothing stripped out of it. Everything works. It has 1.5 Bravo 1's with Latham steering & a 1.5 ratio. I have seen weight listings anywhere from 7500-8500 lbs (dry wt) in the scarab catalogs, so I would estimate mine would be about 7200 plus fuel (just a guess). The gas tank is 150 gallons (I know it can take at least 120 gals :-) So full of gas I would anticipate that the boat is somewhere in the low 8000 lb range.

355 2 bolt mains home grown chevys
6 inch Lunati Rods (the cheapest street race rods) & pistons
9.5:1 (calculated) compression ratio
Cam - crower solid roller 250/252 @ .050 - .584 / .596 after lash with the 1.6 rockers - valves lashed at .024 / .026 hot, once a year !
Springs 210 on the seat 550 open plus the rev kits.
Heads - canfield 200 cc - out of the box from comp products (but we just touched the bowls during the rebuild)
Intake - Vic JR - untouched
Carb - modified (proform carb body) 750 Holley Double-pumper
MSD Ignition - timing set to 36 degrees BTDC.
Stainless marine exhaust
This a naturally aspirated set of motors, no blowers / turbos, etc.

I have never had the engines dynoed, but ran them for 385 hours before the rebuild without a failure. I used to spin them at 6000 rpms in my old boat also. The only thing I replaced on the engines was a starter & a circ pump. So if they last that long in this, I'll be happy. I anticipate the HP to be around the 440 hp range..but you never know till its on the dyno.

To date, the top speed is 70.7 mph - I'm still experimenting with props. Anyone have a lh 23 mirage plus I can try ?

I think I can most likey squeeze 72 or so out of it once I tweak it.

Oh yes, these are GPS numbers, but the nordskog speedo is actually within a mile an hour or so (when the tube isn't bent).

Let's just say, for what it is, it holds it's own, especially in rough water, so I'm happy. The only thing I notice is it sits a little more level in the water (since I took some weight out of the back) then my other friends 31s. That seems to work out well. I didn't need much tab at the poker run I went to a few weeks ago here in Lk St Clair.

Anyways - just wanted to respond..............

By the way, do they think that by putting signs on Gull Island (I saw that on the news) that they're gonna stop the parties ???? - What's next ? signs in muscamoot, strawberry island ? Either way, I still plan on attending the jobbie nooner next year - someplace !

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Chuck, your friend with the 27' Blue Striped Fountain...
Was he at the Coastal Marine Poker Run this last weekend?
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dude 70 in 30' is fast enough
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