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Guess how fast this boat has gone

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The weight i was using is from a new 33 scarab with big blocks(8400) which is pretty damn heavy. But most scarabs are. A new 29 scarab with small blocks weighs 5500#'s and is much smaller than a 31. And the 89 was with bravos. My point being is that those must be some kick ass small blocks to push that heavy 31 foot boat 70 plus!

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I haven't looked at any brochures or anything, but I was always under the impression that the newer Scarabs were light boats...not heavy at all...the 30 Scarab Sport comes to mind...a 1997 seemed pretty thin when I banged on the hullsides...I assumed it was learn something new every day...
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Default The math

6000 rpms x 21 pitch = 126000
1.5 ratios x 1056 = 1584

126000/1584=79.55 x 10% prop slip = 71.59 mph

The math adds up, those are some strong small blocks!
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Fast Frank
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Default different math (more complicated)

21x 6000=126000
126000x.667 (1 / 1.5 gear ratio) =84042
79.58x.88 (12%slip)=70.03

Math still works-Pretty impressive

I don't see a few more miles per hour being out of the question w/ better props
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ok I am no expert at any of this but I do know the boat your talking about and have been on the water and raced it twice in the patroit. That was early on and he was still putting it all tougher. I believe it ran somewhere short of 70mph. But I think the real thing about the boat is the amount of work the guy has done on it. Everytime I have been to the marina he has been working on it. I give him alot of credit. The boat looks awesome and is a true work of art and a testament to the amount of hard work he has done. Last week I got to go for a ride in the p-29 up to tin fish. That boat is sweet! But like I said I don't know much besides having a good time. Which I think I am an expert at.
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Having been in both a P-29 and a 31 Scarab at one time or another, the P-29 is also NARROWER than the 31. Probably about a foot or so. So comparing the two is not really apples to apples. Bravos.....Blackhawks......stock motors.....mod motors.....etc....

Chuck you and that guy coming over for the races??? And I'm still in need of a roomate!!!! Going broke fast!!! You need to bug your company if you want to get into the Customer Center where Rob works. He told me the other day that group is so busy they don't have time for anything but work!!!! Make the call!!!
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The Raven
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Default Top speed WOW ??

I do not chalange your word about top speed , but **** thats fast for a Small block powered 31 footer!! especially with 5 people and a full tank of gas!!
There is something your Not telling us. How big is the gas tank. Did you have Five LITTLE people on it. The weight and Drag versus the HP just don't add up. What was the water condition?
Temp. ETC. Carbs, Timming, Blue printed Bottom?
I believe you, but what ever you do for money you should Quit and Build Boats just like yours. Sorry no disrespect ment but the numbers don't add up!!. You have a full cabin or Half Race lay up.
Now I am not even the same BOAT class as Most of you. As My little formula will do at BEST 68.
84, 242 SR1, 5200 lbs, factory hook removed, twin 350s punched 40, 9:1 pistons, Dart 2 heads, Comp 1.6:1 roller rockers, cams, Holly 650, dual feed Double pumpers, Iron High rise Z/28 intakes, worked over ThunderBolt ingnition, Big Coils, Jacobs wires, RV8c champ plugs, Cam 2 gas about 35/40 gallons,
two skinny people, Dialed in all the advance she would safely take., Alpha drives, 1.5:1 , nose cones, worked over 24 Clevers by S&S. Cold air comeing in on both port and starbord sides, 4 3" hot air bildge vents. Stock [NEW} Merc 4" all the way.
Aired the hell out of it, on salt water, with speed bumps. [ nice short close chop].
I must be doing something wrong as mine has to be lighter than yours.
NY. Long Island.
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I'm impressed i would have thought mid 60's tops.
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hey Sean you are right about the scarab line, it has lost some weight just check out some of those AVS hulls!!they are running some great speeds with stock power
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