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CigDaze 08-15-2002 11:06 AM

State Farm Policyholders, check this out!!
State Farm Sucks! . com

I came across this while shopping for quotes...Just thought I'd share, maybe save someone some hassle in the future.

And here'a a Protest Site formed by a group of ex-agents.

Indy 08-15-2002 11:11 AM

I ran over a submerged concrete pier (not on the charts :mad: ) and trashed the sterndrive in my old boat. My marina gave me a quote the next day, and State Farm had a check in my hands 3 days later, no problems or issues what-so-ever.

You can find pissed-off employees or customers with any large corporation, I don't care which one it is. They must be doing something right becasue they have millions of policy holders.

Of course if they jerked me around on the accident, I'd be on the other side of the fence, but they didn't.

CigDaze 08-15-2002 11:18 AM

That's cool, Indy! Just sharing...
I was actually looking for a quote from them, when I found that site. Still good info to know. :)

ssherman 08-15-2002 11:40 AM

Anything out there like this on American Family? Local authorities concluded investigation about 3 weeks after the loss the American Family Insurance company is still investigating (stalling) since may 21, 02

Boat Girl 08-15-2002 11:43 AM

I too have a good relationship with State Farm, I have been with them for almost 6 years and was hit by a drunk driver in Jan, they were great, car was done in a week...Then I moved to FL and totaled my car, I had a check in a week for full blue book on a 93 Baretta with 160,000 miles on it, not to mention they paid for the tow and my rental car for 14 days...I just renewed my policy and no increase in premiums...Gotta love it...

CigDaze 08-15-2002 11:50 AM

Glad to hear you have had good experiences. I'm waiting for a quote right now, so we'll see. :)

Luv-N-It 08-15-2002 11:52 AM

I agree with Indy. I have been with State Farm for 16 yrs (since I've been 16 yrs old, so, I'm 32 now). I have everything with State Farm, vehicles, house, boat, life insurance...everything. I have never, never had a problem.
Now, I will say this. I have a heck of an agent. He is very, very good to me. I know he is to all of his policy holders. I have a feeling that State Farm's reputation has a lot to do with the individual agent too.
Just for your info, even though State Farm is a large corporation, each agent will run his/her agency as its own business. Therefore there are corners the agents can cut and corners that they choose not cut-costing you morej money. Therefore, their profits come from a direct result of the number of policies they right and the $ amount of those polices. Also, the number of claims he/she files each year are dings against them too. It is not only a ding against you. Henceforth, another reason why your rates would go up-the agents liability of insuring you. I speak from experience becuase I've had two accidents and some speeding tickets and my rates always stayed the same!!
Just my .02
PS. I know State Farm has great marine insurance, its just a matter of the the agent wanting to give it to you!!!!!!

Dave M 08-15-2002 11:53 AM

State Farm has always been good to me too. I've had fires, thefts, tornados, accidents, tickets, you name it and they always came through for me.

Luv-N-It 08-15-2002 11:55 AM

See what I'm saying here Daze!!! State Farm has been good to us!

RUSSSR1 08-15-2002 11:58 AM

My house, cars, boat, bikes are all with State Farm and will never be with anyone else. This company has taken care of me without delay or question so many times. I truly have no worries about coverage. My wife has a bad habit of totaling cars, had one bike stollen, I myself was in a wreck. every time they took care of me like solid gold. I know this is just my experience but it reflects on how they do busines and thats why they are #1.
just my .02


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