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Its Not Good Business To Do Business With HTM

Old 08-23-2002, 08:50 PM
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Magnuman, I second that!!!!!!!
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Old 08-23-2002, 10:32 PM
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With the devastation that HTM has suffered, and a widow that has not even had time to grieve, yet trying to hold together a company that her late husband built for them, I am embarrassed even posting to this. There are alot of happy HTM customers out there with alot of horsepower not breaking their boats. The boat that broke was a prototype. That's why testing is done. To make sure the customer gets a safe boat. It is sad what happened, but not a reason to back out of a deal. Based on the facts stated here, I believe the guy should lose his deposit as a fee for his stupidity in not doing some homework and from the sounds of it, racist too.


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Old 08-23-2002, 10:39 PM
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Your are right! She has to be a gutsy Lady trying to keep everyone working after that kind of trauma,Personally I wish her the very Best.
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Old 08-23-2002, 11:04 PM
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Default HTM

Heide seem's to very freindly. After I read in Hot Boat she was gona give it a go I e-mailed HTM and told them "I was glad to here it and keep there chin up" I got a personal thank you from her and have recived several FYI from her on safety Items. MY .02 Charlie.
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Old 08-24-2002, 12:37 AM
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In the days prior to the HTM crash a few of my friends and myself were following the events that led up to the HTM crash our conclusion days before was this was going to happen it wasnt if, just when , we saw the boat partially rigged we listened to the speeds and there is no doubt in my mind it went as fast as Steve claimed so I wasnt suprised at all whe i heard the news . My opinion is this what Steve did was irresponsible and there is no body to blame but Steve, anybody who was in the boat got in on there own freewill and they have nobody to blame but there self period. Anybody who saw the remains of this boat and has any boating knowledege at all will tell you it was haulin ass period I dont care what broke or if it blew over or what it was haulin . HTM wasnt a high dollar boat manufacture it was a small custom operation ran by Steve . were not talkin Cigarette here ,small time,If you were to give HTM a deposit and it was written up or not and he was killed you should be intitled to your money back as you were paying for Steves knowledge and expertise not his wife or casual labor who worked on these projects under Steves guidence .The key here is Steve was responible for his own actions and no paying customer should have to suffer for his actions . His greiving widow has nobody to blame but Steve and HTM should refund his money asap but like I said we are not dealing with a large cashy manufacture with insurance and all ,Alot of post here are not based on fact or the opinion that HTM is a huge corp not so just my 0.2 Mitch
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Old 08-24-2002, 01:25 AM
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well we have not heard from rock star in a while, so I believe HTM over some guy who I never heard of before, kick his butt off the board, and grow up your not a child anymore, hell I can fart more than 2000.00 anybody who gives up 2grand without a contract or a tour of the plant should not even own a boat. if I offended any other members accept my apologizes. Mark

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Old 08-24-2002, 01:56 AM
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Thumbs down

Originally posted by MrOffshore

I am requesting a complete and full ban of any member with less than 6 months seniority that comes on this board and bashes someone, something or some company and isn't available to respond to questions from senior members of the board.

I have spoken!
Have you now appointed yourself Lord of OSO too? Shake yourself.
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Old 08-24-2002, 03:08 AM
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Mr Offshore,

Yes I was at work and no I have not been paid.
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Old 08-24-2002, 11:55 AM
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Default Regardless of the legalities,

If a company is easy to do business with and the custom project hasn't yet begun, a refund should be given. I feel for the HTM people, but business is business and keeping customers and potential customers happy is the name of the game. HTM has something to prove since they lost the core of their business in that crash. If they prove to be a customer oriented company and they build quality boats, they will survive. If not??????? I am no lawyer, just my opinion. I hope they make it.
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Old 08-24-2002, 12:10 PM
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MrOffshore Im sorry I do not know your propername anyways im sure you know your stuff , and like wise I would not post anything I wasnt sure of, as you I have raced boats and owned boats for more years than I care to admit I am personal friends with many of the top boat manufactures in the so cal area as well , what I saw you can take to the bank what I dont know I dont post as fact , as I never stated how it happened I used two of the many scenarios that have been thrown out and that was clear ending or what"even though I do have a definate opinion". I never claimed to have seen the crash but I can tell you were the boat was at the day before and and i can tell you the boat had no seats and minamal gauges ,The only way for that boat to suffer the damage it did at 80 mph it would have had to hit a block wall . Any ways im not here to debate what happened I was stating that HTM is not a major corp. with tons of cash and attorneys etc and thats a fact . Steve was a small time boat builder hands on shop, when you bought a boat you talked to Steve , he worked on rigging , when you tested he went etc. etc. etc. without Steve there is no HTM, the reason why HTM doesnt repond is there isnt nothing to say it happened its done its over . One party has a pending legal action against the city of LA ," not Steves wife" the attorney of record is Johnathon Cole a boat racer from the LA area . No liability is a fact they have nothing and there is no legal action that I know of directed at the remains of HTM .There is a on line trail of events that led up to the crash posted by Steve and MR PUMPS themselfs up to the day it happened on Hot Boat they are still there as far as i know . They were posting there speeds and hopes for the next days events daily . There a numerous articles on the pending legal action also with quotes from Johnathon Cole in the LA Times etc . etc. Im not sure about this first time poster but I stated with out Steve HTM is not the same as the day the deposit was given so I feel a rebate is in order based on that , any ways MR OFFSHORE I beleive we are on the same page I was trying to add some fact to the post just my 0.2 once again MITCH
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