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Per USCG -

There are gross, net, and displacement tonnage, and both formal and simplified measurement. The form of measurement is determined by the purpose of determining measurement i.e. whether tonnage is being calculated for assessing fees for registration or taxes on cargo. (among other things)

If I'm understanding correctly the very oversimplified definition is that for registration purposes tonnage is the measure of the volume of the vessel - length x beam x depth in cubic meters x a multiplier based on ships volume.

long story short is it's an old formula that uses gov't math.

As has been mentioned before it is not simply the weight of the boat.
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Originally Posted by tim mccray View Post
You might be able to skirt sales tax but in most cases your state will come after you for use tax. California is really bad about that. The Coast Guard lets what ever state your domicile is know that you documented a vessel with them. With California they automatically send a bill to you for sales tax or use tax even if you never brought the boat into the state. They just assume that you did and you have to prove that you didn't. They make every threat under the sun till you either pay up or show proof and documentation that the boat isn't in the state and hasn't been for a year. Other states have similar laws on the books but most don't enforce them. California has been hard up for cash for several years so they're pinching everyone.
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For those that fall asleep during the video it shows the formula as L x W x H x .67 / 100 The .67 changes depending on hull style and represents the percentage that the hull is not a rectangle, but has a v configuration. The height is measured up to the deck joint.
Straight bottoms and flat decks

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