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Holiday idiots....

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Default Holiday idiots....

I know it's Wednesday, been busy.

We almost collided with a jet-ski Monday enevning.
We were leaving Chisolm Park in St. Cloud, FL heading out into the lake. I spotted the jet-ski coming from my left and noticed we were on a collision course, his relative bearing off the port bow wasn't changing. As he got closer I saw he wasn't changing course or speed. I pulled back the throttle and had to hit reverse to stop as the idiot pased fifteen feet in front of us!
He never even glanced in our direction.
I yelled over the windshield "where'd you learn to drive??". All I got in response was a dirty look.
Funny thing is, there was a water cop watching the whole thing and just basically ignored the incident.
I ride jet-ski's too, but I observe the rules and keep out of everyone' s way. I know a lot you guys hate them but this guy could've done the same thing in a boat too.

Then at the ramp as we waited our turn a guy and his wife (driving) were trying to power their new bass boat on the trailer. He's standing in ankle deep water waiting to hook up the safety chain when just as she guns it, the trailer pops off the hitch and slams into the (fairly new) trucks tailgate. Then he lowers the trailer jack, re-attatches the trailer, climbs in the truck and procededs to pull out with the jack dragging on the ground.
Just another day on the water.
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but I observe the rules and keep out of everyone' s way
Well actually in this case you did have the right of way, the boat approaching from the port side should have altered course. If he had approached you from the right/starboard side tho he would have had the right of way and it would have been your responsibilty to change course. I am not defending the Jet skiers, they do a lot of annoying, sometimes stupid, often dangerous things. They are however boats the same as a 40 foot offshore cratf and all to often larger boats seem to think it is the jet skis responsibility to "stay out of everyones way", it is not there are rules of the road/water.
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I had a guy piss me off too, I was coming out of the metro beach channel, (which is really bust for those of you that dont know the area) and the no wake zone is 100 yards out from shore, but the bouys go out 500 yards or so. So I pass the no wake zone and pop up on plane, nobody in front of me, nobody coming in, but theres a guy in old faded red donzi maybee 21' not a classic, but he's way to my port side, and as I near the end of the chanel, he's still coming steady so I come off plane just in case he doesnt stop, and so does he, so I figure he's pulling into the channel, nope he calls me an a$$hole and proceeds to cross the main channel path 15 feet past the bouys where all these boats are bottlenecking because he has to cut the channel. What an A$!#%Y$!Ho MF [email protected]#$%H. And he called me an a$$hole. That pissed me off pretty bad, but I just looked at him, didnt say anything, shaking my head like, "what an itiot", and gunned it, with at least 20 feet to spare from his transom...maybee

then everyone in the boat, and the boats behind me was yelling at the guy, I felt better then

I know I dont cut in front of the channels and expect everyone to stop for me, that's really assinine.

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