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Bank Beaters Busted? Sbi Nationals

Old 09-09-2002, 03:07 PM
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easy on there inspector,thats where my info is directed from,he lives next to my shop.....he's good people.....beckley is right,and bill calls the best he can.....bulls#$t,not here!!!!!!!
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Old 09-09-2002, 03:19 PM
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As I understand it, Zipp has the kilo record at (approx.) 115mph.
I also hear that Bankbeaters runs around 112.
Why is it hard to believe that Zipp was passed while only going 106? They must have been having problems seeing that they were running roughly 9mph slower than normal.

I am just going by what I have read. Correct me if I am wrong with the top speeds.
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Old 09-09-2002, 03:28 PM
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What was the water like on Sunday? If you watch the 01 Corpus start, for super cat light you'll see the two #6 boats, Kiely and Yahoo, run away from all the bravo boats including Zipp and Peppers which was probably the fasted boat on the course. Same was true for Daytona and Sarasota.

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Default No mention of controversy.

The story is now up on page:

Winning both the national championship and the New York race in the Superboat Limited class was who finished the race with an avg. speed of 91.08 mph. “This one is sweet, the crew really worked hard all season long to be in position for the championship,” said Robert Nunziato of Dania Beach, Fla. and driver of the 35-foot Motion. Nunziato and his trottleman Douglas Kelly of Boca Raton, Fla. won the national championship last year driving Rumor Has It in the factory class.
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Who is FAST FOUNTAIN and why didn't he learn a lesson from that other thread that he started
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I'm sure the inspectors are nice people, it's the tools that they have to test with that I question. Do they have the tools to test the engine computers? Do they have a dyno that works reliably?
Do they enforce the rules for Foutain to purchase gas from the truck or do they look the other way for thier sponsors.

As John C says, If you want to go boat racing, go with APBA. SBI is an "Extreme Motorsport". That's the show that SBI puts on...according to John. Some of you may think its something else, like a boat race.

I am not bashing SBI at all. I just understand what it is and how it differs from APBA racing. Those who can't handle the tough rules come to SBI, then to complain about the lack of rule enforcement makes me giggle.

So were does SBI go without a CRE sealed engine program?

And so ends another chapter of "As the prop turns".
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Old 09-09-2002, 03:49 PM
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Re: Kilo speeds and racing speeds.

Basically a boat is specially set up for a kilo run...... minimum fuel, higher pitch props, sometimes a gear ratio change, sometimes a c/g change.....everything possible to extract the last mile/per/hour out of the boat. When set up to race, add fuel, select props for conditions, turns, and acceleration, modify rigging accordingly, and generally peel 5-20 mph off of kilo speed potential.

Average speed around a race course for multi laps in traffic is very different from one way max speed runs. Hence both boats should have lost a similar amount from their previous kilo speed postings.

One interesting aside.......Based on their kilo speed of 117-119 on a 100 degree day. My guess is that Joe Sgro and Pete Myer's "Instigator" were running about 100-102 at the start.

They were right on Brioschi all day and passed the Muller's in the final laps................

Conclusion, nobody was really running all that fast yesterday.....not even the vaunted Superboats.

My guess........the top 5 APBA Super Cats would have lapped this field.....maybe more than once.

T2x........ obsolete as always

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Fast Fountain- I dont know who you are or where you get your info from, or if you were even at the race or in the pits after the race, but I'm not sure you can classify the Hudson as calm water, it may only be a river, but it does have the tendency to be very unforgiving with its holes, chop, and strong currents, not to mention the large pieces of debris...Just ask anyone that has spun or rolled a boat in the NYC race, as far as Doug Kelly is concerned, I saw him after the race as well and I did not hear or see him do anything to hamper the inspection, he and Rob let the crew handle the inspection and when I left the race site at 730 ish Bill et al were still in the bilge...Bill is a good guy and a good inspector, if anything is awry I am sure it will be dealt with...
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Okay, Regarding my last thread posted regarding jumping the start. That stands. The start was jumped. I was looking for a photo we were told was of the start of the race with a clear picture of the start being jumped. We waned to see the photo for proof. It did turn out it was an old photo. As for the start being jumped in that race, 45 minutes of the drives meeting Friday night in New York was on this issue. In fact the joke was to give Doug Kelley of Bank Beaters the green Pace boat flag and we can follow him since he has a faster pace then the pace boat. So it did happen and warnings were given. The start in New York was picture perfect! So I still stand by my last thread. Now regarding the cheating. We know for a fact Arizona Speed which alters the EFI boxes altered 2 boxes for Doug Kelley. The boxes that came out of Dougs boat had all Merc numbers scratched off as Arizona speed does. Now Doug let the the inspectors check the timing only. He would not let the boxes be tested. First he said no one touches my boat. Then he said only a certified mechanic. Then when a certified mechnic was brought over, Doug said he was late for his flight and didn't want anyone to touch his boat hat he dosen't know espically when he has a plane to catch. Doug left in a hurry for the airport. This was at about 7:15. At 11:00 Dog Kelly was found trashed at the bar of his hotel. What happened to the flight? Ryan Beckley posted an earlier post that all SBI boats don't run "stock efis". That is not true! Every other boat in the class invited the same inspection. There is never a beef in this class. Every one except Bank Beaters follows the rules and respects the other members of the class! Think about this. Doug kelley just won the National championship for 2002. This is the day every racer dreams of all season! This is the guy that needs attention so badly he sets up a cheap imitation of Al Copelands toy collection including a Blow up hot tub he carrys from race to race. He bought an Old jet fighter plane he had flying over a race site for a day. He was one of the only boats that had a private helicopter in NY which he made a point of anouncing it in the drivers meeting. And now that he won the National Points championship and the New York Grand Prix he dosen't hang around for his CHECKERED FLAG or his TV INERVIEW becuse he dosent have time after being confronted about a protest inspection??!! Come on. We are talking about DOUG KELLEY! I promise my post is not a rumor and a new champion will be announced!
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My guess........the top 5 APBA Super Cats would have lapped this field.....maybe more than once.

Hey T2x! and all those 5 Super Cats are as legal as the day is long! Weighed and checked at every race. Snack Attack needs to come over and run against Mr. Scott and J.T. in Bacardi Silver. Know that would be something to see! I am sorry to see that Doug Kelly had to be the one caught modifying his 500 EFI. But it was gonna happen sometime to someone. But it was never going to be one of the main sponsors boats.

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