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Re-enlisting to USMC

Old 09-12-2002, 12:20 AM
Tejas Raz
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OooooRah MARINE!

Just got back from a candle light vigil out at our Marina. I miss my fellow leathernecks. Retired 990101 and sometimes it really sucks no longer being in. So go out and do it for yourself and all us who no longer wear the scarlet and gold!

Very proud of you and all the others in whatever service, who are standing guard quietly... but cocked and locked!

Semper Fi and keep your powder dry!

MSgt. USMCR Ret.
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Old 09-12-2002, 12:22 AM
Tejas Raz
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Want to buy a nice Texas Brigade Armory M40A-1? 400 rds down the tube. Nightforce 5.5-22x56 scope. Nice peashooter!

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OSO Content Provider
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Satisfaction69 , USMC My father was, no, IS a Marine. Once a Marine always a Marine. It was him that I named my website after. So you see, it has a double meaning. SHARKEY

I want to thank you and the rest of our troops for all the hard work and sacrifices you people have made so the rest of us here at home can be reassured our Freedom & Safety. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!

Anyone that needs to be reminded of what our nation is responding to, CLICK HERE
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Semper Fi, STAFF Sgt. Troy!!!
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Good luck man.

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Good Luck! I was in the Navy for almost 8 years. I had a lot of great times. I got out 10 years ago. Now I'm thinking, I would of only have two years left. The military lifestyle is not easy though.

Dave M.
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Good Luck!
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Good luck Troy! We really appreciate everything you guys do and all the sacrafices that you guys make. I'm presently working on a Marine Corp program at work, and I feel real good coming to work in the morning, knowing that I'm helping you guys.
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Dam Troy,I knew strikes fun run was rough but I didn't think it would scare ya back into the Marines Good luck with whatever the future holds for ya.You know anytime ya want a break you're more than welcome to come for a visit.

Sean and Daphne
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Top Scott,

Is it a Marine Corps built M40A1 ??? Synthetic/fiberglass camo stock? I just might be interested. I have A LOT of 7.62 FMJ to burn and would be honored to have a weapon like that.

I was in the Corps from 77-81 and met some really great people. Definately a very important part of my life for sure! I was a Sgt. (E-5) and once I came back from Oki (my final year in my tour of duty) I was taken to SEPS at Pendleton discharged honorably. SEPS was very close to Div Schools and the SNCOIC of the Rifle & Pistol Team asked me if I wanted to extend and come work for him, but I wanted to get out and go home (young and dumb) and I could kick myself for not taking him up on that to this day.

Never sleep past dawn, that's when the French and Indians attack.

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