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Re-enlisting to USMC

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Default computer crashed

Hey all sorry for not responding sooner my damn home PC crashed again gotta use the library LOL Lets just say STAY AWAY from AOL 8.0 it attacked my hardrive.

KAAMA: You hit it on the primer, UDT and BUDS, BUDS trainingis part of SEAL School,Just like Hell week.

Miller: I am a NAVY SEAL just as a Marine also went to combat engineers for additional EOD traing from Army and Marine Corps to be classed as a UDT specialist by the DOD dept of defense.

Airpacker: Sean&Daphne Nahhh didn't scare me, I had a blast bouncin' around in that water,in your rocket of a cat.

Also just for now I did it, orders were accepted and they ok'd me for the Marine Reserves in Cleve. 3/25 H&S Co. as a Scout/Sniper now or a Comm. expert.

So for now I can play once a month and still try to finish this thing called a boat now by next summer.

almost forgot no such thing as ex-, retired, former or whatever Marine once a Jarhead always a Jarhead.

Later Sat69
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Hey Troy,

Go get it, and hope all works out. We really appreciate what you have and will do for our country!
Just hope you can make it to the run next year. Don't forget to
bookmark the site! Will be adding a News Page soon!

HumpWestern NY Fun Run
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Strike : Already have it saved just got get my boat done and computer fixed again. See you all next year. Gotta have boat next year with that kind of water you all run in
Later Sat69
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Satisfaction69, sounds cool. What BUD/S class did you go through? Maybe you and my buddy overlapped or know each other. I'll find out what class number he went through. He is a Lt. Commander currently assigned to Central Command's special operations and formerly served with both Team 2 and Team 8. He was overseas in the "fun zone" stamping the "bootprint of Democracy and the heads of scumbags" from January through May and is set to get back sometime in October.

I sent him a hat from a NYFD in my neighborhood that lost guys on 9-11 and he sent back photos of himself wearing the hat while on operations in Tora Bora, around Bahgram and other areas formerly populated by scumbags. The fire department guys really liked the pictures of him in his cammies, loaded down like a pack mule with his 'flage painted M4 while wearing their hat as a tribute. I'm going to send him something different to wear this time.

Let me know if/when you go overseas and I'll send you something from them as well.
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Tejas Raz
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>>3/25 H&S Co. as a Scout/Sniper now or a Comm. expert.<<

Hey Sat..69, if'n you get the option I know what I'd opt for and I know KAAMA will ditto on this...
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