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Bayliner of Performance Boats ?

Old 09-15-2002, 10:43 PM
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Thanks for all of the honest replys and lack of bashing. I think that's one of the reason's I like to lurk around here. I had the opportunity to take a long drive today and think about my boat situation. I've come to a few conclusions, all of them addressed previously by your guys in this thread.

1. Boats are not investments!! They're hobbies and hobbies are expensive. It's always going to cost you to play.

2. I bought a $100K Bayliner and I'm pobably going to loose $40k in 4 years. I guess that's not too bad when you consider I could have bought a $300K boat that would be worth $200K now.

3. A person can't let some of this internet bashing get to them. My family and I have put over 300 enjoyable hours on our boat. I have not had one maintenace issue other than routine service. Not one problem! This should be the definition of a great boat, and yes, it was a Bayliner.

4. I can't put a value on the enjoyment we've had with our boat. We really shouldn't call it depreciation, it's the cost of fun.

5. As soon as the right buyer comes along, and after your reassurance, I'm sure they will. I'm going to look for a boat that fills the needs of my family and not my ego. I'll pay more for some, or less for others but if it fulfills our needs and provides enjoyment, then It'll be the boat for us. I already know it's going to cost me so I'm forgetting about resale.

Thanks again. This sort of discussion helps put this boating stuff into a better perspective.
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I will say this. You can not go wrong with a Formula, Fountain, Cig, Outerlimits, Scarab, or other BIG NAME manufacturers. You will always do ok with them. If you are looking for cruisers with performance as well check out the Formula stuff it is VERY impressive.

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Old 09-15-2002, 11:00 PM
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Buy some thing thats a couple years old, let the first owner take the hit!!!! I bought a 1994 Sonic and think I can still sell it for what I payed for it.....yea I stuck some money into it but if you want to play you have to pay!!!!There is a 1994 35 Formula for sale locally for 100k thats about a third of what it cost new....
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Old 09-16-2002, 08:57 AM
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I aggree. I'll never buy another new boat. Hell I take them apart anyhow. aab - If your happy with the boat, I don't care what it is, and you've had many fun memories, who cares what the internet or people say about it. I have (3) boats ranging in size from 15' , 22' and a 27' and there is no perfect boat for everything. It's all what you want to do. My 15' I bought for my son, well, just kind of sits on the davits, my 22' is a perfect all around shallow water boat, and my 27' is my go fast boat, (but my 22' runs 60 on GPS). But I do agree with the fact that if you buy a top named boat, it will hold a better resale but you will still take a loss with the purchase of a new boat. Like 20% when you pull it off the lot. Find one that is a year old and let the first buyer take the loss. Wardey
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Amen on buying a used boat - we bought a leftover new boat (1999) in calendar year 2000, got a great deal, but still took a hit when we sold it.

There's only two situations where I would consider buying a new boat:

1. It is going to be my "last" boat - in other words, if we're buying the boat that will see us through retirement, then I might buy new to get exactly what we want.
2. I win the lottery and money is no object.

Otherwise, I'll playing the used boat market....
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aabfeh, Loved your conclusions they're spot on for me.

In my opinion boating (performance boating especially) is largely "status oriented". Bigger,faster,more exotic is better. In my situation (and I understand nobody was bashing Baja) there isn't an exotic custom boat that fits my niche like my '24 Outlaw does. Don't get me wrong I would love to be able to afford and own one of these. All I'm saying is that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" spend only what you are comfortable losing, and have a blast!
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Also, if you can find a left over 2001, you will find the price is very low, and the depreciation has been discounted. You will also have a full warranty on the boat.
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