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A Whole Judicial Conspiricy!!!!

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Angry A Whole Judicial Conspiricy!!!!

Needless to say, fighting my noise ticket in court was an exercise in futility. What I learned today was that no matter what anyone will tell you or advise you in fighting a ticket, it comes down to one simple issue, CREDABILITY! Our law enforcement individuals are placed on a pedistal of superior fortatude that inhibits them from being questioned on issues of knowledge, trustworthiness, and accuracy. No amount of testimony, facts, logistics, or plane common sense would change the opinion of the court as to the validity of the officers testimony. " I believe both sides presented wonderfull arguments, but at this point I simply have to decide whose testimony is right"... Thats F#$ckin' a bunch of Bull****!!! I was right, I am right, and continue to be right. Yes my boat is loud, I told the judge that, but we are here on behalf of the test proceedure itself, and how it was preformed. It was executed wrong, my witness cowaberated sp? it, what else do you need. Not to mention my witness is a Full Time, "Firefighter", as was stated in the court record. What gets better, is that are court systems must se Police officers as a more reliable source of information than a Firefighter. The funny thing about it is, the Police officer lied, or had a real hard time remembering what he had done. It doesn't matter, they can take that 150 F$%ckin' dollars and choke on it the lyin' suns a bithces! The officer lied under oath, where does leave us as the helpless public. Midnight

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You needed Mr. Attorney Man ! You were in their system .
Does this count as points or anything on a driving Record ?
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F#%$#$%^%ck 'em... What can you do ? Maybe during the Winter you can put a set of those 'good' flow-thru muff's that were raved about on this board a few weeks back.Someone said they made NO diff. on perf..and that they liked 'em. That way it looks(to the MAN) that you are showing due-diligence in 'abating your illegality' Good Luck.. That sure is a sh$t way for the community to make money!!!!
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Ta boot, the judge said that my boat can't go back in the water until it has been fixed. Yah right, they can chase me all the way up the LK MI shoreline on Sunday. I'll have do silencers for next year, but I have no clearance in the middle none, 4 pipes right next to one another. What a joke though, what ever the PIGS say is gold, thats complete horse****. MIdnight
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That is unfortunate, but not unexpected.

Go ahead and write the letter but be sure to keep it factual and void of emotions. You should express your dissapointment but do it in a matter that does not lose you credibility with the Judge. It won't change anything but at least you can get the dissapointment of it all off your chest.

you may want to include documentation on how a noise violation test is "suppose" to be conducted vs how it "was" conducted.
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You need to hire Pat Patel for the appeal.
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Sorry to hear it...I remember when you got the ticket and I thought you had a damn good case. Clearly a case of screwing the citizen and favoring the system.
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Sorry man. I understand your frustration.

A few years ago I was part of a jury during a criminal case. The defendant was charged with drug (crack) dealing. It was painfully obvious that this jerk was guilty but because the cops screwed up so bad during the search of this guys house they had no evidence. No proof of who owned the drugs, the house or the cars parked outside that had crack and various forms of paraphernalia in them. They had nothing.
We had to let him go. We had no choice.
It was like the Keystone Cops.
Thses are the "professionals" we have to rely on to protect us?
Worst part was, this guy lived in my development and my daughter used to ride past his house on her way to school.

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Default What Kind of boat


What are you running? Is the boat a 42' Lighning with tripples? Over the transom exhaust? Just curious, I did a project on one a few years ago. The boat was in NJ.
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this has been a problem with MR since his childhood
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