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Originally Posted by Brad
I live in Aventura and pass by NE188 St all the time. I always wondered how Magnum held on for so long. I would think the property would bring a good price for another condo building. Does anybody know how many boats Magnum builds a year?

In the early 2000's there was a lady who had a 50 that would do the FPC events, boat as named Jade and would run in the low seventies.
Company is 50 yrs old, Mrs T has to be in her 70's and the factory land has to be worth millions. So move the boat company to an area with some tax incentives and put the cash in your pocket!!6m1!1e1
Sadly the boat factory looks out of place on that street! The "public storage" warehouse next door really doesn't look much better though.....
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188th street is a sad sight. How is turning our paradise into a "parking lot" improvement?
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What a suck job... 188th street was the coolest place on earth for a performance boat lover... now its crap
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I have lived in the Miami area for 2 1/2 years and hardly anyone here knows the history of NE 188th ST. My first trip there was in 1992 to Fort Apache to buy my first performance boat. Rick Conti took me out in the boat and I thought "this is as cool as it get's". As you drove down the street it was clear what this area as all about!
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Good to hear she is still in business, I remember 188th Street, met Don Aronow there when I was 8 years olf in 1973, then spen one afternoon chatting with Bobby Moore when I was in my late twenties about all the hot-rods he drove and worked on, and I drank alot of beer at Ft. Apache, and for a New Jersey guy visiting it was the place of performance for boating enthusiasts to visit.
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Aventura is a very nice part of Dade County. The waterfront is taxed at "best use" not discounted because it is a boat factory so from a financial standpoint moving to West Dade County (Opa Locka like Cig did) is smarter and you score a big sale on the old waterfront factory. Move to the West Coast (Nortech) is even smarter since the real estate is even cheaper.

Remember a 10 million dollar factory adds 100K to the first 100 boats

A 2 million dollar factory adds 20K to the first 100 boats.......move the factory and save me 80K on my next boat!

The irony with the Magnum story is there is a boat storage yard next door (eyesore) and a public storage franchise on the other side (eyesore again) so I'm not sure why the city was giving them a hard time. Its not like they were leaving 70 ft Magnums double parked out front overnight!
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I was searching for Magnum through these threads and this one came up. Here is a link to our magnum 40 build, its what we think a magnum would look like today

Magnum Marine re-imagined

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