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How Did We Survive?

Old 10-09-2002, 05:10 PM
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Raypanic, ours was "Get the belt!!!!"
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So ya really think things are bad today??? Remember this...30 years from now THESE will be the good old days
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Old 10-10-2002, 08:12 AM
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how about chasing a fifth of yukon jack with a 2 liter of coke on the way to the non alchohol rock club ( 80's trend for highschool hangouts)

( we called them Pre alchohol nights)

now THAT was just plain stupid. boy were we lucky.

we used to take a back road loop to "finish it off"
one time we stopped at the railroad tracks in my buddies full cam 1970 400 pontiac firebird formula ( pull me over red) and a cop stops facing us at the same tracks. lumpity lumpity lumpity lumpity we creap away with our foreheads just sweating.....

like I say. that was just plain stupid.
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Old 10-10-2002, 09:25 AM
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speaking of gocarts,
I did the same thing with the throttle. briggs would never start at idle so i would hook the throttle cable over the butterfly bracket to open the throtle "some", well the dang thing fired up at 3/4 throttle and took off across the parking lot to hit a telephone pole and broke a front tie rod. I was heartbroken. I was only 10 you know!!!!

and the time the engine mount (which rides over the axle with two bearings allowing the axle to pass through) lost the front hold down bolt. the engine/mount pivoted about the axle under the torque and proceeded to pull the cable to full throttle. WITH ME ON BOARD. I could not reach the kill switch or the choke!!! the engine was laying back 90 degrees, blowin oil out the exhuast!!!.. I slalomed wildly down our subdivision road, screaming !!, till I finally spun out in the neighbors yard, and finally killed the engine.

oh, and the time I was sprinkling at my dad's golf course ( best summer job ever!!!) We would take frieds out with us at night to ride along as we moved sprinklers.
Well we ( me and bobby Johns) are fly'in down this hill in a toro truckster. I yelled the imfamous....."watch this" and hit the brakes and pulled the wheel.

Well this machine had 33" diameter tall rear tires with tread, unlike the cushman with low profile golfcard tires that LOVED to spin around in the wet grass.

we went a$$ over teakettle and the thing ended upside down on top of me, blowin white smoke out the exhaust. I was Pinned!!!. when Bobby finally stopped laughing, he tipped it over and i escaped. THOUGHT WE WERE GONNA NEED THE JAWS OF LIFE!!!!.

we bent the steering wheel somewhat round again and went on with our business.

oh , and the time I was about 10 and took a golf cart down the second biggest hill on the course . It's 6:30 am, I'm doing my first $2.00 a day job, picking up trash at the tees, well it was wet grass

so i hit the brakes and do a 30 degree pitch and slide all the way down the hill only to finally do a 180 and get thrown. well the golf cart decides to roll backward (ever so slighly faster that adrenaline can make my 10 year old legs run) and back into the pond. and sink

blub blub blub

it was a real long walk back to the clubhouse to see dad

cart came out of the pond with seaweed hangin from the frame. wish i had a picture.

I did go on to race gocarts at age 28...hmmmmmmmmm
and i still have my original Margay racing cart I mentioned with that same briggs engine. I actually tried to start it this weekend with my 4 year old. same trick, hooked the throttle cable on the butterfly bracket. did n't start..........

will we ever learn...........
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Old 10-10-2002, 10:08 AM
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Anyone remember this little ditty.......

"You just wait until you father gets home."

That used to be the longest two hours of my life..........
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Old 10-10-2002, 11:20 AM
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Today, its "when your father, mother, or primary care giver comes to pick you up I will have to give them a full report of your activities."
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Old 10-10-2002, 12:39 PM
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I often think about this subject. Remember when:

Honesty, respect, morels, consideration and conscience were expected
Please and thank you was the norm
McDonalds was a treat
If you wanted extras,work!
Car, earn it!
Phone calls were limited
Curfews were honored
Don't swear,lie,or steel from your parents
When Dad just had to look at you
You could go on and on with this, All your points are valid

I found out yesterday that you shouldn't handle a new baby with acrylic nails, they carry fungus! Was in the hair & nail business for 28 years, handled my daughter as well as others.

With Determination, Imagination, Trial & Error we figured it out


I could go on and on, Every one here is right
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Clint Eastwood said it best in a movie (I forgot the name of it, so help me out here......He was getting chewed out by a gereral in a war era movie because his (Eastwood's) soldiers just took over an area/hill.

"General sir, my men overcame and adapted..........

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It all has to do with family values we had a full time Mother also.

I would never have even thought of back talking to my Father or worse yet a Grandparent!

And there was no 1-800 abuse you got “Discipline” at home or in School!

Trigger locks?? What’s that! You just did not touch the Old Mans guns Period any idiot knew that.

When I grew up we all had BB Guns (no one got hurt) at 11 years old Boy Scouts! Then at 12 First Gun with Instruction a .22 Bolt action single shot Rifle, At 14 year’s The Biggie The Prized Restricted Drivers License and a Motor Scooter, Then you knew you made it !

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"improvise, adapt and overcome!"
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