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OT: We need some help in the DC area... SNIPER

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The .223 is commercially produced as the .223 Winchester round, with slight differences between Mil-spec and commercial ammunition. The Mil-spec round is known as the 5.56 cartridge, a US and NATO round with a 5.56mm projectile.

There are several common weapons that use the 5.56 cartridge: the US military M-16 and M-249 (machine guns), there is the Ruger Mini-14 semiautomatic (so-so accuracy), and the AR-15 semiautomatic rifles.

There are also the bolt-action rifles such as the Remington 700, Winchester Model 70, and a host of other makes. This is a very common cartridge and is suitable for ranges to about 400 yards. Highly accurized rifles using special 5.56mm bullets are used for 1000 yard shooting competition. There were some Chinese made AK's which were chambered to take the 5.56 mm US/NATO round.

The AK-74 round is a Russian round with a 5.45 mm projectile, and is not as accurate due to both ammunition and the short barreled AK configuration.
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11 shootings, and 9 dead now.

I think it's a coincidence but......................9-11

The worst part about this is my 10 year old daughter asked last night is it safe to go to the mail box to mail a letter to one of our friends.

As I said before, THIS SUCKS

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#1 He needs to be stoped.#2 People don't need to make a joke about it.I see no humor in takeing a human life.

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you might pat your bible ( and say a prayer), but pack your 357.

BTW, welcome back
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How do they know its a 223. Have they found an empty case? Or have they recovered a .224 diameter bullet (bullet used in a .223 rRem cartridge). It thats the case, he could be using any number of cartridges.
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Back at the school where the tarot card saying "I am God" was found, a .223 case was found also.

You're right about the variety of calibers and rifles. If you only go on the .224" bullet, it could be any one of many (12 or so come to mind). What they haven't released is what they've found out from the exterior balistics findings from the bullets themselves. Each brand of bullet is readily identifiable as is the brand of barrel it was shot from indicating, or narrowing the choice to the brand and type of rifle it was shot from. Likewise, when they have the rifle, the case can be matched to the exact chamber it was fired in.

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Originally posted by Sydwayz
Does anyone remember Altan Coleman, the guy who was going around NW Indiana shooting people about 15-20 years ago? It was going on for about 4 weeks, AND THEY KNEW WHO HE WAS after a week or so. I do not remember how many people he shot, but it was around 18. They finally got this guy; he was sitting on a Park Bench, in the open, by himself, across the street from the Michigan City Federal Penitentiary. A guy saw him and went into a phone booth and called the Police: "Altan Coleman is 250 feet away from me; come and get him." I will never forget that as long as I live, nor will I forget what is going on now. [/B]
Does this sound familar to how they found these two sniper bastards? God Bless that trucker. He and his buddy sat like sitting ducks blocking the entrance and exit to that rest area for a stiffeling 15 MINUTES while the authorites converged. If those two bastards would have woken up, the truckers would be dead for sure.
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